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  1. Colorado Cowboy

    Wyoming 30 years ago

    I was cleaning out my old desk in my gun/reloading room and found a tablet with everything about my hunts to Wyoming in 1990, 1992 & 1993. 1990- Hunters 5: Deer killed: 4 bucks, 8 does. Antelope killed: 3 bucks, 6 does. 1992-Hunters 6: Deer killed: 6 bucks, 4 does. Antelope killed: 6...
  2. Colorado Cowboy

    What The New Year Brings...looking forward and backward too!

    2020 a new year is almost here. What am I looking forward to: A Wyoming deer hunt with some forum friends. Been invited and am excited. Improving my health outlook. I am 78 and it has been found I have sleep apnia. Hate the device, but seems to help. Realizing I am not getting any younger...
  3. Colorado Cowboy

    Finally...HS Internet!

    For the last year Century Link has had a contractor installing underground fiber optic cables in our rural area. Got a call today from them wanting to know if I want to upgrade my internet service to 30 megs (now have dialup @1.5). I said HELL YES! They have it all setup to hookup Dec 30th and...
  4. Colorado Cowboy

    Fishing at Blue Mesa Res

    My hunting partner and his family are joining our family on a fishing trip to Blue Mesa Res near Gunnison. Going in late june and planning on renting a pontoon boat and staying in a local rv park. Looking for experience at Blue Mesa, suggestions, etc.
  5. Colorado Cowboy

    What do you do with your horns/antlers?

    Just wondering what everybody does with the horns/antlers after you got your animal. I have a 60 year collection that I have in my garage. I have mounted some and used some for drawer handles and knife handles. Here is whats in my garage.
  6. Colorado Cowboy

    Rut is Here

    Rut has started here in SW Colorado.
  7. Colorado Cowboy

    Snow in SW Colorado

    Last night as I went to bed, it was just starting to snow. This morning there is about 4" on the ground and it's still snowing. This just the first storm, more to come later in the week. Looks like the San Juans and La Platas are getting hammered. Have to go to Physical Therapy this am, then...
  8. Colorado Cowboy

    Getting Close To Rut Time

    These bucks just started showing up at my place.
  9. Colorado Cowboy

    Veterans Day

    Wishing all my fellow Vets a thank you for your service everyday, especially Monday Veterans Day. As a 40% disabled vet, I know what you did, how you did it and why you served. Thanks again my Brothers.
  10. Colorado Cowboy

    First Snow of the Season

    First snow of the season last night. Won't last long as ground is still too warm.
  11. Colorado Cowboy

    Jack O'Conner/Outdoor Life magazine

    I know a lot of you are way too young to have grown up reading Jack O'Conner's columns in Outdoor Life magazine. I first read one of his stories while sitting in a barber shop in the early 50's and I was hooked. My mother gave me a subscription and I couldn't wait for it to arrive in the mail...
  12. Colorado Cowboy


    SW Colorado got it's first snow of the year last night. The La Platas got some that looks like at about 9,000 ft.
  13. Colorado Cowboy

    Rethinking my loads/calibers for deer.

    Some of you have probably read my post about this years antelope/deer hunt in Wyoming and know about my encounter with a buck deer of a lifetime. A little background: my primary deer/antelope caliber has been 25-06 since the early 70's. I have killed over 100 deer & antelope using my Ruger M77...
  14. Colorado Cowboy

    Fall Color

    The colors this fall are spectacular. Last week coming home from a Wyoming antelope hunt, we traveled thru Telluride and Rico (Colorado) but didn't have time to take pictures. This am my wife and I are going back and see if it has lasted and take a few pictures. Her is one from my homeplace. 3...
  15. Colorado Cowboy

    Home From Wyoming Antelope & Deer Hunt

    Just got home from 5 wonderful days hunting antelope and deer in Wyoming. I am dead tired as I had a terrible headwind for 459 miles on the way south from Wyo to Colo. I'l l post more tomorrow with pictures. Good night!!
  16. Colorado Cowboy

    Getting Close-1 more day!

    My 2 hunting partners from California are almost here. Tomorrow is range time, grocery shopping & final packing. Off to Wyoming Sunday morning for deer & antelope. Yeeeee Hawwww!
  17. Colorado Cowboy

    Freezer Inventory

    Leaving a week from today for a deer/antelope hunt in Wyoming and decided I'd better take an inventory of whats left in the freezer from last year. 8# Antelope Burger 3# Antelope Breakfast Sausage 40# Alaskan Halibut fillets 5# Alaskan Red Shrimp. Opps make that 4 as I just took out a pound for...
  18. Colorado Cowboy

    FALL !!!!

    You know it's almost Fall when you get up in the it's 46 degrees and you have to put on sweat pants for the first time in months! In 3 more weeks I'll be in Wyoming filling my Deer and Antelope tags.
  19. Colorado Cowboy

    September 1....Gun Hunting Season Here!

    September 1 always kicked off my families hunting season. Dad & I started with Doves, next was Deer hunting in the High Sierras, Antelope in Wyoming, Elk in Colorado and Ducks & Geese until the end of January. Last hunted with Dad in 2008 when he was 90 and he got his elk here in Colorado. miss...
  20. Colorado Cowboy

    What Ticks Me Off......

    Eating in a Mexican eatery and ordering a beer and getting it with a lime in it (good beer doesn't need any thing!), Drivers not using turn signals, cold coffee, junk mail, anyone wanting to sell me something over the phone........ I could go on and on and on! LOL!!!!!