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  1. go_deep

    Million acre land buy

    Wyoming is currently looking into purchasing around a million acres along the I-80 corridor. I vote do it...
  2. go_deep

    2020 WG&FD in put time

    Here's the link to the WG&FD on-line comment section for this coming years season setting commission meeting. Resident and Non-resident can comment.
  3. go_deep

    Where U going to hunt this year???

    Besides the tags you can normally draw or buy over the counter in your state of residency, where/what are you planing on hunting this year?
  4. go_deep

    New wall tent on the way!

    Davis has a winter special on 14x16 tents for a couple hundred off. Just got off the phone from ordering one with every option on it, be here next month.
  5. go_deep

    Winter lopes

    Waiting out winter
  6. go_deep

    Sleeping bag fill???

    Got a question about sleeping bag fill. Wanting to replace my -20 bag with at least a 0 bag. Pretty much there is no scenario that I won't be using the bag on a pad in some kind of a tent. Since I don't think it has much of a chance to get wet is regular down good? Treated pro down better? Or...
  7. go_deep

    Merry Christmas!

    Christ the King is born in Bethlehem! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!
  8. go_deep

    Mountain Lion

    I have a dream to kill a mountain lion, solo, without dogs. I got snowshoes, I have a fox pro caller, and I got the occasional short notice day to take off when the weather is right. Besides LOTS of luck and patience, what else can you tell me to help me try and fulfill me dream!
  9. go_deep

    Thanksgiving Buck!

    Made an unfortunate short notice trip back to Wisconsin for a funeral, so I decided to pick up my 11 year old son a deer tag since there $7. We would only have 1 or 2 mornings total to hunt, but I just thought it would be more of a nostalgic hunt on my dad's farm with my son. There was 8" of...
  10. go_deep

    Buddy heater cooker

    While watching my buddy heater heat the tent and I cooked on another propane stove I wondered if I could come up with something that would allow me to do both with one. This is the best I came up with so far after a couple hours. I'm able to lightly boil water at about 15 minutes, and I think...
  11. go_deep

    Antelope success thread

    There's a deer and elk thread, figured we need an antelope one! Got mine this last Monday in a leftover area. Post them up!
  12. go_deep

    October 1st and 2nd weather

    Anyone headed out to the northern half of Wyoming over the 1st and 2nd of October make sure your vehicle has everything it needs to make it up and down what will likely be really muddy roads. Sounds like the father south you go the less rain/snow the will be. Good luck if you are too, the...
  13. go_deep

    Nothing beats shot placement

    To start, what happened with the poaching of this mule deer sucks and hope the person get held accountable for their actions. What surprised me was a doe deer was fatally double lunged, with a pellet gun! I guess shot placement is key regardless of caliber...
  14. go_deep

    Sitting duck he is...

    This buck don't have a chance come season if he can't figure out how to lose his head dress. Can only guess his eagle eye advantage is being hindered a bit.
  15. go_deep

    Non-typical doesn't even explain it...

    I seen one of the coolest things today. The first picture is of 5 mule deer bucks, the second buck from the right has a hard white 2 point on his right side along with some spurred velvet growth around it, and I know the picture isn't great, but a grapefruit sized velvet mass on his left side...
  16. go_deep

    Wyoming mule deer

    Been traveling and working all over the East half of Wyoming, a bit in the Blackhills of SD, and a little in SE Montana for a few weeks. There is no lack of vegetation and moisture this year. While I was sitting making notes today I looked across the draw and this buck stood up. Nothing huge...
  17. go_deep

    250 mile migration

    A single cow elk in Colorado took the long road!
  18. go_deep

    The blizzard

    I was fortunate to be able to get home about an hour after the last roads got closed here in Laramie county. Be safe out there!
  19. go_deep

    New NR deer regions

    Just wanted to put a heads up out there for any NR looking to apply for region E deer tag, its gone. In it's place is Region L, and Q.
  20. go_deep

    Sons first deer!

    My son is 10 years old, and has to wait till he's 12 to be able to big game hunt in Wyoming. He's rabbit and turkey hunted with success, but most importantly he is very safe with a firearm. Since we live next to the Nebraska border, and tags are crazy cheap there for a youth. I thought maybe it...