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  1. Maxhunter

    Shoot or Pass?

  2. Maxhunter

    Outfitter for a backcountry Elk Hunt

    You have any points for WY? If you don't you won't probably draw a tag. I'd buy a point staring this July. You might be able to draw a general in the Special Draw.
  3. Maxhunter

    Where U going to hunt this year???

    IA zone 5 for whitetail.
  4. Maxhunter

    WY 2019 Grizzly Relocation Annual Report

    Your post is spot on!
  5. Maxhunter

    WY 2019 Grizzly Relocation Annual Report

    Here's the report from the WY Game Fish Dept. As you can see a lot of bears are shot and not relocated. I wonder if hunting was allowed if this list would be smaller.
  6. Maxhunter

    Wyo native - New to Forum

  7. Maxhunter

    2020 WSF SHOW

    Your going to have a great hunt. Congrats! We expect pictures and a story. :)
  8. Maxhunter

    2020 WSF SHOW

    I need to go one of these years. Looks like a good time!
  9. Maxhunter

    Let the gov't goat slaughter begin!

    Well the Feds are going ahead with it and not listening to the WY G&F.
  10. Maxhunter

    Arizona outfitters

    Steve Ward is a good outfit. Never hunted with him personally but he has a good reputation and has been in business for years. Steve Chappell would be a good choice also. Duwane Adams is also a great outfitter. I hunted Coues deer with him and he's always trying...
  11. Maxhunter

    Let the gov't goat slaughter begin!

    You are correct(y)
  12. Maxhunter

    Let the gov't goat slaughter begin!

    Hope it works out. The problem is the Feds don't always use common sense.
  13. Maxhunter

    New wall tent on the way!

    Great choice!
  14. Maxhunter

    Bowhunting Africa 2020

    Have fun and post lots of pictures when you get back.
  15. Maxhunter

    Found a big one

    Congrats. At least you punched your tag!
  16. Maxhunter

    Mountain Lion Hunt With Dogs!

    Great video and cat. I think every hunter should experience a lion hunt with dogs.
  17. Maxhunter

    Archery Elk Opportunity Hunt Suggestion...?

    I would suggest ID. NM is pure draw or you can purchase a landowner permit. MT is hit or miss with lot's of pressure or they hop on private. For your first one unless it a really super nice bull do a euro mount. Good luck!
  18. Maxhunter

    12 elk points. which unit?

    I'd probably recommend 38. Area 45 is good, but it has some wilderness and you can't hunt it unless you have a licensed guide or a resident friend as a guide. Also those areas are grizzly free. Are you mainly wanting to archery hunt?
  19. Maxhunter

    2020 goals/desires

    You'll have a great adventure with your son even if no tag filled. I have a gut feeling with your knowledge you'll make it happen. I'll be doing my usual stuff here in WY. I might cash in my IA points for deer. Hopefully I can draw a WY buffalo tag.
  20. Maxhunter

    Decline in moose preference point purchases?

    Here's the preference point totals for residents and nonresidents going into the 2020. Good luck!