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    Another pic of the beautiful state of Wyoming

    Here is another pic from my library. Its one of my favorites.
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    My other

    Here is my other passion besides hunting........
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    Lets see who gets the closest GROSS score

    Lets see some guesses on what this pronghorn gross scores. Sorry about the pics they were taken at like 800 yds away so they are cropped.
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    My latest photo trip

    More to come
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    Just got a call from the NM Game and Fish

    Just got a call from someone at the New Mexico Game and Fish stating they have more openings for 1-117 since I was unsuccessful the first go around they called and offered me a hunt! Hopefully they arent jerking my chain. Anybody else get this call?
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    Odd Question for you all.............

    Is there a pronghorn foundation (RMEF,Wildsheep,etc)? All I can find is the North American Pronghorn Foundation and it hasnt been updated in years. They still exist? If not what happened to them. Thanks
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    These deer were harvested within 300 yds of each other 1 year apart. You notice one of them has the blaze patch only on the right side the other has one in almost a triangle down its nose. I saw them both as fawns. Shot one at 1 1/2 yrs old and the other at 2 1/2yrs old.
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    Little bit of Everything

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    SD Pronghorn

    Our pronghorn from South Dakota. Got mine scoring right around 83 B & C. 16 7/8 inches long
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    Wyoming Pronghorn Areas

    Has anyone ever hunted in Areas 77,78,80 or 83? Im looking for a good trophy potential area with a good amount of public land. How are the numbers in these areas? I would kinda like to stick to this area since we plan on moving close to this area (more time to scout). Ill be applying as a...