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    Anyone hunting something other than varmints, utilizing a can/suppressor/silencer? If it is legal to hunt with them in your area, I was just curious about the pros/cons. I have one, but have not messed with it much and was wondering if it would actually be useful during hunting. Thanks. Sent...
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    Mrs Fonda Resurfaces

    Saw in the news that Mrs. Jane Fonda has resurfaced and is revisiting her Vietnam memories. Here is a useful link: Hanoi Jane Urinal Target, Package of 20 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Denver Post Article Regarding CWD

    Not a big fan of the Post, but saw this link regarding CWD in Colorado:
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    WY Big Game Draw Date

    In the email I received from WY today, it indicated that the big game draw date is planned for 21 JUN. Does that sound correct, and is that earlier than normal? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tapatalk Test

    I?m not on Facebook, nor on the Twitter, but this Tapatalk contraption seems like it might be worthwhile. Just seeing if it works. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    RMEF Castle Rock Banquet Invite

    Just to test my ability to get-out-of-the house, and make sure i could go to the banquet, I complied with my doctor's orders to get outside and do as much PT as possible. Drove one-hour down to Ft. Carson/Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex, zeroed in a new scope, and shot for a few hours after...
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    Using iCalendar to Coordinate Interstate Hunts

    I decided to start using iCalendar today to coordinate hunts in several states, with various friends and family. I created one "hunt calendar," and invited the various participants to accept the calendar. Then, I added the following: - CO (Colorado) planned hunting dates for me, based on...
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    Let?s some pictures of anything idaho

    This is just some general terrain views from GMU 4 near my property.
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    Who else is...

    Knee flexion - one. Repeat after screaming. Making progress. Formal PT begins on Wednesday.
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    Idaho 2017 EHJ MRS Back Issue

    Does anybody know what EHJ issue from 2017 or even 2016, covered Idaho species? Doing some research for my stepfather (he bought the "paper" subscription to EHJ, and I bought him the digital version), and just wanted to look at historical data, prior to the updated Idaho MRS coming out in the...
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    Official Post Padding Thread

    I'll toss a few gun photos on here to keep the thread moving, as well as to stir-the-pot too. S&W Model 66 "Combat Magnum" in .357 Mag and holster/belt/ammo carrier by MD Whitefield Holsters. "Kingwood" grip(s) by Houge.
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    Surgery Today

    I may have to get an Emotional Support Animal vest for Tank... Read three Mike Eastman books last week awaiting the surgery, plus reviewed the applicable MRS data in the 2017 MEMBER RESEARCH ANNUAL. Will look back through the 2016 and 2015 editions to correlate "trends" in the data. Yes, I have...
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    Surgery Today

    My workout routine will start with PT soon, then getting in shape for glassing/stalking/hunting this Fall... The doctor said the surgery went great today. Seemed odd though that the nurses and doctors were initialing a rather private part of my anatomy, and referencing a vasectomy procedure...
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    Vortex Fury rangefinding binocular?

    I use mine to supplement my rangefinder. I do more shooting, than hunting right now, so I usually use my rangefinder, while a buddy uses my Fury, to compare ranges. The fallacy of that operation, is he and I are both looking at steel targets that haven't changed their distances in years.... I...
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    Greetings from Colorado and Northern Idaho

    Well, the verdict is in. After X-rays, a CT Scan, and a MRI, I will have surgery tomorrow for three torn tendons in my left quadricep. My good natured buddy said I've set a whole new standard for falling on "one" stair! The biggest "suck" is the disruption to near-term plans for shooting, etc...
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    Greetings from Colorado and Northern Idaho

    Hello all, Thanks to the Eastman's for setting up this forum, their publications, TV shows, and especially their Members' Research Section. I've had a little self-induced down-time this week (stairs, missing the last step, falling, 1,000 rounds of 44 Mag to improve drama and carnage, large hole...