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  1. brandenbowhunter

    Core4element clothes

    I found this stuff this year and really like it..started out on camofire picking up pieces...and have moved all in. Now I notice that they have dropped all the prices on there store at for 2013. They are also coming out with a down line this year. Here is what I put mine...
  2. brandenbowhunter

    Montana Christmas day Cat

    Took this cat on Christmas day after a long just 3 times...finally got it Here is the video.. I am not a great editor...
  3. brandenbowhunter

    Insane rut footage

    This is a really cool footage..
  4. brandenbowhunter

    How you all been...been too long..checking in

    Hey, Has been a great fall..had an awesome year this did all you do..will read some post to catch up.... Here is a short video I put together on my year..just a slide show of pics I took this sheep...but did get elk, antelope, whitetail doe, and two muley bucks with the...
  5. brandenbowhunter

    Spring fun before bears and turkeys

    Here is what we did last week...
  6. brandenbowhunter

    new video

    Here is some of our 2011 footage...
  7. brandenbowhunter

    Gophers are out!!!!

    My son and I got a few...before the snow started again..he had a blast..we will be back out there next week...
  8. brandenbowhunter

    ATA video...just got in done

    Here is the stuff I got while I was there...not as much as I wanted
  9. brandenbowhunter

    Keeping in shooting shape

    sick of the snow and shoveling...I grabbed the camear and bow...thought the falling snow would make for some cool footage...what do you think...
  10. brandenbowhunter

    How do you practice in the winter

    Here is a bit of what i do...go to the bowshop when i can...shoot at night after work in the dark by headlights..inside when it is four year old shoots with me most of the time!
  11. brandenbowhunter

    My new Strother is on the way

    new Strother Moxie is on the way...I am stoked to get it...loved the SX-1, but want the longer ATA... on that note...headed to ATA in a little over a week.:p
  12. brandenbowhunter

    Here is my year in pics

    All Montana DIY...
  13. brandenbowhunter

    Montana 2011 Public DIY

    here is my bull...chased them all archery season...there were som great bulls...this one was a stud before breaking off a lot of antler...would have been in the 335-340 range...we saw him a few times with him with the rifle opening day!
  14. brandenbowhunter

    Montana Velvet muley

    Here is my Montana and stalk...DIY...
  15. brandenbowhunter

    My Achery season for 2011

    had a decent year...can't complain too bad... A decent velvet mule deer... P&y spot and stalk lope... Got a turkey also...the rest of the tags got punched with the firestick!
  16. brandenbowhunter

    2011 season in MT

    Still working on a wolf and a kitty cat... but here is a short slide show...
  17. brandenbowhunter

    Got it done this year

    Used a a bit of everything to punch tags this year, but got it done... Here a is a short video...