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    Did your EBJ 111 show up?

    Trying to figure out if maybe mine got junked on accident or something. Figured it would have been here by now.
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    When are draw results posted?

    I know they say "week of April 18th." Do they send out email notification, and then you log in and see how you did? Any guesses on when this week?
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    How long for preference point to post?

    I sent in a MO to get an elk PP for 2016. How long should it take to post on the FWP website? More than two weeks?
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    Folks relocating to Portland area

    My folks are relocating to the Portland area (Washington side), which has me interested in the big game hunting out that way. If a guy (non-resident) were willing to get on a plane, then drive a few hours, and backpack in way back there, how should he go about it? Interested in archery elk...
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    Water: what will and won't you drink?

    "In my country you could ride for days and see no ground water. I have lapped filthy water from a hoofprint. And was glad to have it." "If I ever meet one of you Texas waddies who says he never drank water out of a horse track I think I'd shake his hand and give him a Daniel Webster cigar."...
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    Google Earth Scouting- What to look for?

    What in the world is this? On BLM land just below a low ridgeline/saddle? Appears to have fencing around it? I think I see tires, too.
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    Commission Approves Hunting License Sales for Tendoy Bighorn Sheep

    Commission Approves Hunting License Sales for Tendoy Bighorn Sheep Last Thursday, Montana’s Fish & Wildlife Commission approved the sale of over-the-counter bighorn sheep hunting licenses for the Tendoy Mountains as part of an effort to depopulate a chronically diseased herd. The either-sex...
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    When to increase draw weight

    I've searched the web and found lots of articles and forum topics on how to adjust a bow's draw weight, but not really much on when to do it? I assume that, all things being equal, a faster arrow is better than a slower one (within limits). But of course there is a very real trade-off the...
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    Native flatlander seeks mountain nirvana

    Hello all, an introduction... I'm an Army brat who got plopped into Kansas at a young age, and here I have remained into my 30's. I've been bird hunting my ass off (I have two setters) the last 10 years, and that' really how I got into big game hunting. Well, after a brief stint in predator...