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    Great time in Wyoming!

    I wanted to thank everyone that gave me info and helped put me in the right direction. Had a great time in Wyoming. Met a lot of nice people and can't say enough good things about the area. I even met a group of retired deputies at a local sports shop and one invited me to hunt his ranch. I...
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    Does anyone have any experience with the Core4Elements Torrent jacket? Looking to buy a rain jacket. Was looking at Firstlite and Kuiu and came across the torrent. Price is right but don't know anything about the quality. Thanks for any help guys.
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    .300 WSM factory load question

    I was hoping someone could suggest a factory load for .300 WSM for both black bear and antelope. I will be hunting Mt bear last week of September and WY antelope first week of October. Was looking for one round that would be good for both. Thank you guys for your help in advance.
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    Anyone selling a TZ 4000 or Full Curl pack?

    Guys I'm looking to buy a Full Curl System or a TZ 4000. If anyone is selling one of these please let me know. Thanks
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    I was wondering what GPS units you guys us and if you have any horror stories such as a GPS malfunctioning when attempting to find way back to camp or any other issues. Also wondering if you guys carry a back up for GPS. I am looking for a good GPS that is dependable, can use hunting map and is...
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    Boots for Wyoming

    Was wondering what boots guys were wearing to antelope and deer hunt in north east Wyoming. Will be there in early October. How much of a concern are rattlesnakes and snake boots in October ? Thank you in advance for the advice guys.
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    Winchester model 70

    I was at a local gun shop yesterday and am considering purchasing a model 70 coyote in .300wsm. They also had a model 70 extreme weather in .270wsm. I can't really find any recent info on either and was hoping someone here my have experience with either of these. Plan on using rifle as my...
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    New to forum

    Hi I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jeff and I am from Upstate NY. I am planning my first western hunt for 2014. Found some private land in Wyoming Antelope area 24, region c deer in Wyoming. I hope to take a mule deer as well as antelope. I am told I will be hooked on hunting the...