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  1. cali_hornhunter

    TU Adapter & Canon G7

    As the title says will the self mount TU scope cam kit work for the canon g7? From what I can tell from my research it's questionable? Just wondering if anyone has any insight or this set up
  2. cali_hornhunter

    Marble/Clipper MTNS Sheep

    As the title says and previous post father drew a sheep tag for this unit! Excited is an understatement. Can't anyone reccomend any good articles or books about judging or providing any insight to judging? Or any first hand knowledge of the area or hunt feel to pm or what not. I'll try to...
  3. cali_hornhunter

    Trouble with MBG Ascent 5 pin sight tape

    So I custom order the sight from Steve at s and s archery and followed the videos of setting up for the tape. So first I set up all the pins with the slider at zero then I went to use the slider doing the 20-60 using the dial for finding the correct sight tape well I didn't have enough on the...
  4. cali_hornhunter

    Help with new arrow set up

    So what would you guys Reccomend for arrow set up to reach at least 400 grains with an FOC of 11-13% with a 26.5 draw length? This will be for elk but pretty much a do all arrow and that I can good accuracy out to 70-80 yards for deer or anything else pretty much a do all I've been playing...
  5. cali_hornhunter

    Meat Grinders?

    Anyone process there own meet? If so what kind of meat grinders do you use? Anyone use the cabelas commercial meat grinder? Reason asking is pops wants one for Xmas and were tired of paying the local butchers for sticks and other ground up are games we cut it ourselves and everything just the...
  6. cali_hornhunter

    Mrs 2013

    After reading the newest EBJ anyone surprised about the addition of California and Washington. I'm a little surprised about California but not Washington. Anyone's else's thoughts?
  7. cali_hornhunter

    Glad to be back!!!!!!

    Hey everyone just wanted to post and its good to be back and read everyone's success and everything that I've been missing on this great forum it's been rough for me I've had to cancel my out of state elk hunt and my backpack deer hunt both for archery due to a very busy fire season here in CA...
  8. cali_hornhunter


    ok ive heard of cam lean i think is the right term and it seems like the bottom cam is like all caddy wompus it looks likes its diagonal and is arrows are off out past 20 yards and his sight is dialed in so is this the problem or something else? any advice we'll be greatly apprecriated
  9. cali_hornhunter

    Easton Injexions

    I just wanted to see if anyone is using these or wants to these seem and have any reviews on them they seem to be making quite a splash in the bowhunting community but i guess they come with a hefty price tag :/ definitely seem like good arrows and have a read a couple reviews even the one in...
  10. cali_hornhunter

    PNF Fires

    Fire update Just to give a heads up to anyone on hear that has an X6A tag or adjoing units tags that are in the plumas nationl forest theres 2 fires there one is in the chip creek area and another is in the the beckwourth/portola area just wanted to give everyone a heads due to this might...
  11. cali_hornhunter

    Whos putting in and for where

    just seeing what californians are putting in for and where and if any non residents are applying (highly unlikely lol) Heres mine: Deer: G1 Elk: Northeastern CA Bull Antelope: Lassen Zone Sheep: Old Dad/Kelso Peaks Also gonna purchase a B tag and a bear tag later in the year and purchase some...
  12. cali_hornhunter

    Angled or Straight

    Ok guys and gals im trying to decide which way to go on this when it comes to spotters i already have the brand and everything picked out (hopefully i'll be able to purchase it this summer fingers crossed) but i cant decide with which style to go with ive looked through both an angled and...
  13. cali_hornhunter

    Scouting Attire

    So what does everyone wear on there scouting trips as in like do wear the clothes you'll be hunting in? aka camo and all that and treat scouting as if it was hunting season or do you take more of a laid back approach but with the same mindset of finding whatever game your after for upcoming seasons
  14. cali_hornhunter

    Full Draw Film tour

    Anyone going to one of these and Where at i definitely going to try to go all the film trailers look sweet!!!
  15. cali_hornhunter

    Pack Questions

    Alright I'm looking for some insight and advice to make a decision on what pack to get which is going to be used for 3-5 backpack hunting trips with bow and I was wanting to know what people think and use I've been looking a lot at the beetlestock blue widow or the kuiu 3000 and I've kinda been...
  16. cali_hornhunter

    Elk Calls?

    Ok guys and gals, Im sure this has been posted somewhere else but i was just seeing what everyone uses for bugles diaphragms etc as me and my father used primos when i drew my CA junior elk tag 5 years ago and were headed to idaho this archery season and i was just seeing what other options...
  17. cali_hornhunter

    Bank of America does not support Gun Industry

    I found this on another forum and thought i should share for some food for thought this was posted by the director of ops at McMillan Anyone who knows McMillan, knows they make some of the best rifle stocks out there. Most of our military arms have a McMillan on it. This is what BofA said to...
  18. cali_hornhunter

    B-Stinger stabilizers

    Anyone use them have any experience with them been looking into getting one and was just seeing if anyone uses them and thoughts and opinions thanks!!!!:)
  19. cali_hornhunter

    Pure Elevation 2nd DVD

    so anyone else excited about pure elevations guys 2nd dvd coming out in May i know i am the first one ninety percent was awesome capturing everything from pre season throughout the season and captures the low times to the high times just curious if anyone else was a lil excited and if anyone...
  20. cali_hornhunter

    Muley Crazy Magazine

    The magazine nor the name ryan hatch is nothing new to me or im sure anyone on this forum but today i saw one of there magazines and bought in sportsmans due to the cover picture of the wyoming mule deer that was 40'' wide and ive heard about this buck i had to read the story and was just...