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  1. Timber Stalker

    September? WTF

    I must be old fashioned, lately the young men and women in my family have been having kids and getting married in September. Do these young fold not think ahead these days? September is , well I don’t need to tell you guys… I’ll be missing a couple weddings and birthday parties next fall.
  2. Timber Stalker

    Daughters first bull

    My daughter has been tagging along with me for 10 years when I go bow hunting elk in the Cascade mountains. Last years she decided she wanted to start packing a bow too. She connected on her first elk last Saturday with a 9 yard shot. I’m super proud of her grit and desire, it not an easy place...
  3. Timber Stalker

    Fuel prices affect

    I’m highly considering shelving long distance hunting this year, I was wondering if anyone else is in the same mindset. It could be a good year for the ones who are throwing cost to the side and going all in. I have other hobbies that I have thousands of dollars invested in that could easily eat...
  4. Timber Stalker

    My favorite pics from 21

    Although I didn’t kill anything this season I still saw some neat country and had a shot at a nice bull during archery season that I cleanly missed. .Here’s a few of my favorites pics from this year. Archery elk and western rifle deer weekend warrior Hunting
  5. Timber Stalker

    Antelope or deer?

    I’m highly considering applying for one or the other this year with 7 NR points. I’m on the fence on which I should go for, mule deer or antelope. I can’t take enough time to do both and want to make the best of the week I will have. Any input or suggestions would be much appreciated. I will be...
  6. Timber Stalker

    Region G

    It is time for me to try to draw a NR deer tag in Wyoming. G has been a target for me for a long time but out of reach for multiple reasons over the years. I know some about the area but not nearly enough. If anyone is willing to share info or advice I’m all ears. I have 7 NR points and I think...