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  1. Ikeepitcold

    Elk hunt prep - horses

    I’ve rode both horses and mules. I think they are completely different! My horse was slow and I had to keep pounding his ribs to keep up. The Mule would stay right up with the others but would jump trees and rock! That F’r F’d me up jumping a downed tree and about ripped my groin muscles! When...
  2. Ikeepitcold

    Elk hunt prep - horses

    Also be prepared to walk your horse down hill. We rode flats and uphill but walked all long and steep downhills. We had mud on the trails so I think that is why so it if the horses slipped it would be less dangerous for us. I agree on the stirrups also. It’s a big difference when they are not...
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    Sig Sauer

    bump up to the top.
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    Montana party application

    Agreed with Jim ‘Usually the youth is in a different draw then the general draw.
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    That would be awesome if they got into town and started to eat the tree huggers poodles and lap dogs.
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    Sig Sauer

    Hey all. I have a like new set of Zulu9 binos for sale. I used these on one weekend sheep hunt. They are perfect in every way being that they have only been used by me for a short amount of time. I am selling because they don’t fit my hunting strategy and will reinvest the money into...
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    New Member

    Welcome to the forum
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    Neighbor Sent Me the First Sign Of Spring

    I was kinda surprised when a saw a pile of poo. Lol I was thinking there was going to be a photo of anything else. Lol
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    Another Poacher

    I agree Jim. It’s getting outta hand.
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    2023 AZ Javelina success!

  11. Ikeepitcold

    50's Gun Shop/Sporting Goods Store

    That’s so dang cool! I bet he had the best place around for years to get sporting goods! Man I miss the days of the locally owned businesses like that. There are a few around here that I frequent.
  12. Ikeepitcold

    That’s a ton of points for Nv Antelope. the Northern units I think are best. 011 is good...

    That’s a ton of points for Nv Antelope. the Northern units I think are best. 011 is good, 022-021 can hold some big bucks but the numbers are low. 031-051 are pretty good units also.
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    Who’s gonna win?

    Me too. I honestly don’t care to watch but the wife likes to. I don’t follow any sports and don’t know the players except Maybe a few of the popular ones.
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    Who’s gonna win?

    Ha! That’s the truth!!!
  15. Ikeepitcold

    Who’s gonna win?

    My wife says KC so that’s where I’m at.
  16. Ikeepitcold

    Who’s gonna win?

    Who’s gonna win the Super Bowl?
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    Eastmans' Hunting Journal - Annual Mule Deer issue

    I agree. I thought that they usually do or at least they used to give info on the Hunter and state.
  18. Ikeepitcold

    Elk Hunt

    I’m kinda in your same boat. I stacked up lots of Wyoming points and just felt the same way. The older I get the harder the elk hunts are for me. I decided to burn my Wyoming elk point with an outfitter to ensure an epic adventure hunt and a great bull.
  19. Ikeepitcold

    Still more non rez actions

    I guess it’s not cool to do this but maybe it’s good for the residents to have first pick of the sheds. I would assume they would sell to non res. Not sure. Is the purpose to keep the money in Wy allowing res to pick first? Interesting