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  1. Maxhunter

    Monster Archery Elk in Oregon The guy earned this bull. What a beautiful bull.
  2. Maxhunter

    Western WY Antelope & Deer Dying§9689ed56-fa89-57cc-bf4a-f208ac0ffa15.html This is not good for the animals in this area.
  3. Maxhunter

    Moose Causing Climate Change These people are crazy ass nut cases!
  4. Maxhunter

    Another Poacher

    It is a felony with anything over 150” score wise. He did get charged with a felony.
  5. Maxhunter

    Another Poacher

    Here’s another one.
  6. Maxhunter

    Another Poacher

    He got off pretty light imo. Like stated give him jail time.
  7. Maxhunter

    Amazing Palmated WT Sheds

    Palmated antlers found in NY City no hunting area. Pretty amazing find.
  8. Maxhunter

    AK Fishing

    We always go down by Homer and fish with Capt Shane. We’ve always done well. It’s a nice drive.
  9. Maxhunter

    Hunting Groups Quit Partners

    So what organizations make up the 32 member, now 29 membership of the Colorado Outdoor Partnership? I left in the three that just dropped out. Colorado Outdoor Rec Industry Office, The Trust for Public Land, The Nature Conservancy, HECHO Hispanic in the outdoors, Colorado Cattlemen's Ag Land...
  10. Maxhunter

    GA Hunter Attacked by Dogs
  11. Maxhunter

    Hunting Groups Quit Partners

    Doesn’t help that the Governor’s significant other is an animals right knucklehead and vegan. I hope this stuff doesn’t migrate north of the border. Jackson is our problem area.
  12. Maxhunter

    Hunting Groups Quit Partners

    This not good for hunting in CO.
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    WY 2023 Superdraw Results

    Congratulations to the 2023 Super Tag winners Trifecta: Josh Cronan, Georgia Antelope: Brett Marcum, Idaho Deer: Justin Long, Louisiana Elk: Christopher Leish, Oregon Bighorn sheep: Kolby Ence, Utah Black bear: Brody Nohava, Iowa...
  14. Maxhunter

    Elk Hunt

    The outfit is top notch. I hunted sheep with him in 2017 and took this nice ram. Booking with them would be a very wise choice and like stated worth every penny.
  15. Maxhunter

    Expo 2023

    CC what did the elk tags go for at the auction?
  16. Maxhunter

    Expo 2023

    JimP it was the AZ tag $725k
  17. Maxhunter

    Expo 2023

    $725k for a deer tag that’s crazy!
  18. Maxhunter

    2023 Coues

    Congrats on a nice buck!
  19. Maxhunter

    AZ Javelina Double

    Congrats! We saw quite a few deer hunting but didn’t have a tag in my pocket,
  20. Maxhunter

    New World Record Mtn Goat

    This billy is a beast and has 12” horns and scores 60. Congrats to the hunter!