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  1. hunter25

    What’s your plans?

    Canada hunt
  2. hunter25

    What’s your plans?

    I meant trolls actually, lol The guide gets death threats. But anyway, I hunted in Ontario for 3 days. This was actually my 3rd dedicated wolf hunt will all past ones unsuccessful due to weather or not taking the shot I had. Also a few tags in Alaska where I missed one in a caribou hunt...
  3. hunter25

    What’s your plans?

    Just returned from Canada wolf , successfully but didn't post due to concerns over public forum backlash. Idk March Texas hogs and fishing with my grandson. April a cheap plains game hunt in South Africa that's been postponed for 2 years. July fishing in Michigan. Deer and elk in Colorado...
  4. hunter25

    How many states....

    My normal Colorado draws, points in Wyoming for deer and antelope, points for bear in Michigan and Wisconsin. I've quit all other states other than things I can just go hunt. Just drove into Canada this morning for a wolf hunt starting tomorrow. I've failed on this one a couple times now...
  5. hunter25

    Your Best White Tail Buck...

    I've only take 5 ever but here's my best one. North Texas by Childress
  6. hunter25

    2022 Eastmans' Deer Success Thread / Journal Submission

    My whole family filled all of our tags in less than 3 days this year. Wasn't sure we would get it done at all let alone so quickly as we took the 1 and 3 year old boys out also My grandson, my son, his wife and myself. 4 bucks and a doe. Sadly when I went out last night I had a 180 class...
  7. hunter25

    Michigan Bear hunting adventure

    I hadn't logged in here for quite awhile. Congratulating on your tag and good luck on the hunt. I'm booked in 2024 for the newberry unit myself. Will have more than 10 points then so hopefully enough as a non resident. Was born in the U.P. so that's where I wanted to hunt.
  8. hunter25

    2022 Fishing thread

    Took my grandson to California last month for his 3rd birthday. To make his mother happy visiting her family there. Got a day in fishing out to Catalina Island to make the best of it. My son, my 12 year old grandson, my sons younger sister(not my daughter) And myself in the photos.
  9. hunter25

    Price of outfitted hunts

    On a different note due to something in a different thread. Although not a hard and fast rule I've found many of the more reputable outfits charge very little to no deposit. I've only got $500 in total for 4 people going to Hawaii. $100 for the bear hunt. And literally nothing but my word...
  10. hunter25

    Price of outfitted hunts

    Everything has gone way up but there's still deals to be had if you really research. But not elk or deer for the most part. West Texas aoudad for under 4k pretty easily. I just booked Hawaii in 2024 for unlimited axis and goats for $2500. But no food or lodging. But fairly reasonable on...
  11. hunter25

    Missing some forum friends

    If things go as planned I'll be driving from Colorado to kenora ontario February 4th and 5th. There is a wolf there I'd like to meet
  12. hunter25

    Missing some forum friends

    During the summer months I can get away for a long weekend. Usually work every day unless something planned. Vacation is all used for hunting or fishing trips. I've met 2 current forum members so far. JimP who graciously drove to my work and shared some valuable hunting info with me for a...
  13. hunter25

    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Just got back from Texas. My grandson got his first Whitetail buck and I got my largest so far. My daughter also got her first hog.
  14. hunter25

    Arctic Air ( Mike and Shiela Spisak ) & Outdoor International - Buyer Beware!

    Horrible report. I've been to Alaska 3 times now but my first trip was similar. Other than the fact I actually got to go. But thousands of dollars into a camping trip with a 15 minute plane ride wasn't what we expected. Arrowhead outfitters was run almost exactly the same at the time. But I...
  15. hunter25

    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    My grandsons second deer and first buck 1 week after his first. 348 yards off of sticks. 1 shot and down in a few steps. Used my 7mag this time.
  16. hunter25

    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Plus 3rd season should be well into the rut by the end of it.
  17. hunter25

    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    My grandson killed his first deer Saturday. 12 years old and first big game hunt opening morning. About 75 yards with a .243
  18. hunter25

    Leaving today

    Good luck!
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    Mandatory CWD testing

    When the local game warden was checking us last year. He told us do it if we can but not to worry if it didn't get done. There is no real checking up on it and no punishment if you don't do it. They're just trying to get more people to do it. This was a year ago. Might be stricter now.
  20. hunter25

    Gun/scope combo

    I agree with the others. I had a 6x18 on my 300 for a few years. It was totally usable and I never lost a chance at an animal. But I found myself irritated at times with the small field of view when things were closer. I replaced it with a 4.5x14 that made just enough of a difference for me.