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  1. HuskyMusky

    Who else is...

    It's been 1 thing after another with this body... toe/goat last winter/spring, which really had me unable to walk/run train in that way, Now I've been limping around a couple months with heel pain, turns out it's a bone spur but hopefully can be treated with pills, fingers crossed. Been...
  2. HuskyMusky

    WYOMING 90/10 UPDATE | The best blog you'll read all year! - by Guy Eastman

    I'm wondering if there are no random non-res tags issued for moose and sheep this year... if a ton of non-res will stop applying for those species, especially say if they have 10 or less points....?? and heck, looking at the points tables... it looks like a non-res should have about 23-24pts to...
  3. HuskyMusky

    What’s your plans?

    points... Maybe some NM apps. hopefully win that MT mtn goat raffle.
  4. HuskyMusky

    New World Record Mtn Goat

    That's insane! that picture in the link really shows it off!
  5. HuskyMusky

    How many states....

    I'll get points in AZ, CO, UT, NV, WY, MT, I may apply for some tags in NM, This year is mostly going to be points, next year should be applying for everything.
  6. HuskyMusky

    Finished off my season

    Congrats! Whatcha shootin? cartridge? how do you like that rifle?
  7. HuskyMusky

    How did everyone's hunt go this year is it what you expected and are you going to change your plans for next year?

    Didn't get my mountain goat. Passed on a ok billy day 2. Made 2 trips from out of state to MT. Was trying to time a weather window on the 2nd trip, but snow just kept building up and just couldn't really get to them on foot. I had planned to be done Goat hunting if successful, now I'm a bit...
  8. HuskyMusky

    Colorado Mountain Goat Success

    Congrats! Did you pack it out yourself? any idea on the weight or how many loads/trips you made? What cartridge were you shooting? I passed up a billy, I'm starting to question if I should have... long season in MT though, hoping to get back there and get'er done! Tough hunting!
  9. HuskyMusky

    Long Range bow sight, 2 pin, 1 fixed, 1 adjustable to 100yds?

    Not sure if it's spot hog, or who makes a 2 pin adjustable archery sight? or if anyone has a recommendation, I seem to recall someone you set your 20 and 50yd pin and they provide an adjustment sticker out to 100yds etc... Thanks!
  10. HuskyMusky

    Bozeman, Meat Processor/Butcher? Taxidermist? Range?

    A little help needed.... if anyone knows of the following....and ideally someone they'd actually recommend using even better. Hopefully going to need a place to take the Mtn.Goat after being successful, Plan is to freeze the skull and hide and travel home to my taxidermist with it, but he told...
  11. HuskyMusky

    Michigan Bear hunting adventure

    Is this in the UP? Been gaining points for a long while now, not sure when I'll try to draw, or if I should, bow, gun, or diy/guide/dogs? good luck, keep us posted.
  12. HuskyMusky

    Wyoming outfitters tags ?

    I'm pretty surprised at this point that sheep, goat and moose aren't a once in a lifetime tag in all western states. Particularly if it's a successful hunt.
  13. HuskyMusky

    Wyoming outfitters tags ?

    PS- what about wilderness areas already....those are 100% outfitter draws already in a sense!? does that mean 50% could now not require an outfitter in wilderness areas?
  14. HuskyMusky

    Wyoming outfitters tags ?

    side note, if there's No outfitter registered in a particular unit then what?? lol. can't apply? goat unit 393 for example... I keep saying it... if money is their goal... just raise tag fees for ALL. Think elk tag supply will increase if residents have to pay $1000. 1 pot, everyone applies...
  15. HuskyMusky

    Tripod for spotting scope/backpacking?

    Wasn't sure if you could get something for under $100 or $200. I've seen some of these ads and check and find out it's a $1500 tripod!?
  16. HuskyMusky

    Tripod for spotting scope/backpacking?

    Anyone have a reasonable priced tripod option for a spotting scope? If you have a link to a website or amzn that would be great. thanks in advance, appreciate it!
  17. HuskyMusky

    What are your...?

    I'm pretty much all in on DIY MT mountain goat. already having a few hiccups but staying positive and planning to make it happen come hell or high water! PS- I'm also planning to win a spotting scope... 😁 fingers crossed. any positivity/luck that can be thrown my way, is appreciated.
  18. HuskyMusky

    Hunting Philosophy as you get older

    I"m 41, but have quite a few points in most western states... I could go on 1 western hunt a year....and probably be good until I'm older... I'm getting to the point where Im trying to burn my points on good/great units... and probably not reapply for the same areas or points again unless I...
  19. HuskyMusky

    Mystery Ranch, Metcalf? others?

    I need a pack for this MT mtn goat hunt this fall... kinda like the mystery ranch metcalf but all my research has been online.... not a lot of places to try these on around here... this pack is a 71 liter / size... only exterior pockets for spotting scope I really see are the top...