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  1. jmwyoming

    Anyone bake pies?

    Pecan pie!!!
  2. jmwyoming

    Are you a follower of...?

  3. jmwyoming

    Gun Range

    Excellent area. Best of luck to you!
  4. jmwyoming

    Gun Range

    Either place could work. Are you hunting in Saratoga?
  5. jmwyoming

    Gun Range

    Are you coming up I 25 Laramie has one as well
  6. jmwyoming

    Gun Range

    I think Rawlins has one
  7. jmwyoming

    Eastmans' Survey

  8. jmwyoming

    How many hunting packs ???

    1. J34
  9. jmwyoming

    State Record

    21 9/16
  10. jmwyoming

    Taxidermist & Meat Processor near Casper

    Living Legend Taxidermy. 307 473 2504 Casper WY
  11. jmwyoming

    Taxidermist & Meat Processor near Casper

    Dan's is definitely the one!!
  12. jmwyoming

    The Memes Thread!

    But you can sure pick your miseries
  13. jmwyoming

    V.J. Day 1945

    Today was the official surrender of the Japanese signed on board the USS Missouri in Tokyo bay 1945.
  14. jmwyoming

    The Memes Thread!

    Thats a light breeze
  15. jmwyoming

    Guided Day Trip

    Check out Sable Mountain Outfitters. They are Meeker area. GMU 24.
  16. jmwyoming

    Wyoming Deer Super Tag!!

    130 last couple days of the season.
  17. jmwyoming

    The Memes Thread!

    Just get yourself a VP racing fuel can.
  18. jmwyoming

    The Memes Thread!

    Left tail fin
  19. jmwyoming

    D DAY 1944

    It probably won't be on news or in the newspaper. I had 2 great uncles who were part of operation overlord. 1 who landed on Omaha beachhead 1st infantry Div. The other at St Mere Eglise 82nd Abn. Both had already seen combat in North Africa and Sicily. Thank you to all the WW2 generation for...
  20. jmwyoming

    Breakdown of my DREAM rifle (what is yours?)

    I have 2 as well both 44 wcf. 3 1876 45-60 wcf, 45-75 wcf and a 50-95 wcf express. 2 1886. 45-70 and a 45-90.