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  1. KHSRanger23

    First Aid Kits

    Like most others on this thread I carry one first aid in my pack and one in my vehicle. Hopefully they never get used but, being in a bad situation in the wilderness without one always worries me.
  2. KHSRanger23

    Big time Poacher Bust

    What a frustrating and upsetting situation that some people feel the need to cheat and scam the system and for what? To hang some mounts on the wall? These poaching cases unfortunately give real hunters/outdoorsman a bad image, as some non hunters will read the story and assume every hunter is...
  3. KHSRanger23

    Got it done!!

    Congratulations, looking forward to the write up.
  4. KHSRanger23

    Burn Pits.

    Thanks for your service and support. Wouldn't have been able to do it without the generations that came before me.
  5. KHSRanger23

    Burn Pits.

    I input my information for the burn pit register in 2014 and I had my first appointment with VA in July of this year with a follow up appointment later this month. On the burn pits I just remembered we bagged up all our garbage and drove them out to big pile of garbage. Not sure who was burning...
  6. KHSRanger23

    Michigan Bear hunting adventure

    I think go_deep is on to something here. Private landowners usually reluctant to grant access when hunting deer or elk. However, when it comes to hunting predators ranchers, farmer's and landowners are much more receptive it seems.
  7. KHSRanger23

    Michigan Bear hunting adventure

    Congratulations on drawing the tag. Hope everything comes together in regard to the land your wanting to hunt on. Good Luck.
  8. KHSRanger23

    Utah Hunting Guide facing charges for canned hunt

    Regardless of the client in this situation (Donald Trump Jr) on the bear hunt and mountain lion hunt. If the guide(Wade Lemon) is found guilty on charges they need to face serious consequence's. Each time a case like this is picked up by the media unfortunately it reflects badly on all law...
  9. KHSRanger23

    P&Y-World Record Typical Velvet Mule Deer

    Heck of a deer. I didn't know Pope and Young had a separate category for velvet antlered records, looks like that was a recent change.
  10. KHSRanger23

    Daughter's first turkey

    Congratulation's to you and your daughter. Hope your able to fill the second tag as well.
  11. KHSRanger23

    Utah DWR tag recommendations

    Due to ongoing drought Utah wildlife biologist is recommending reduction to some Deer Hunts. Possibly will be 950 general season buck tags, 300 antlerless tags and 50 limited entry tags. A few other species were recommended for decrease (Doe pronghorn, Bull Moose, Bighorn) and a few for...
  12. KHSRanger23

    Prohibit Hunting Bobcat, Lynx and Mountain Lion in Colorado

    Sad but overall not surprising. Many of Colorado's laws in regard to predators seem to be based on increasing the number of predators as opposed to maintain an healthy ecosystem with a balance of predators and prey big game animals. From the black bear hunt changes in the early 1990s banning...
  13. KHSRanger23

    2022 AZ Mule Deer Buck

    Congratulation's on a great buck.
  14. KHSRanger23

    Utah ban on trail cams during hunting season

    It is fun to check the cameras, you never know what's going to show up on them. I completely agree about the cell cameras or any similar device that can transmit images or information on the location of wild game.
  15. KHSRanger23

    Utah ban on trail cams during hunting season

    Knew this was in the works as there was much discussion and surveys related to this topic over the past few months. I am a little surprised that non transmitting devices were also part of the ban. The ban on devices that transmit to your phone or other devices made sense to me. Lol I cant...
  16. KHSRanger23

    80 YR Old Minnesota Woman Kills Her 9th Bull Elk

    Wow that's pretty awesome. Hoping that I can still be out on the mountains when I am 80.
  17. KHSRanger23

    Colorado Springs - Back Yard Visitor

    Pretty cool pictures of Bobcat. You never know were wildlife will show up.
  18. KHSRanger23

    Colorado Unit 81

    Congratulations on a nice buck.
  19. KHSRanger23

    New Mexico Unit 16C

    Congratulations on the bull. Nice write up and pictures.
  20. KHSRanger23

    Kaibab buck

    Great buck and cool picture with the canyon in background.