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  1. memtb

    What are your...?

    Change of plans…….didn’t draw any tags! 🤬 memtb
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    Wyoming Draw Results

    Well…….we won’t be hunting Antelope “again” this year! And elk will be on a General! Kinda bummed! memtb
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    Taping a barrel on a muzzleloader?

    This is just MO, and I have no experience with a muzzleloader…..I will tape the barrel of any “long gun” that I carry in the field! The projectile/shot charge will remove the tape before the bullet/charge gets there. Though, I would not double-up on electrical tape. I would strongly suggest...
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    What are your...?

    Actually do some huntin* this year…..and maybe, just maybe , pull the trigger on something! 🙂 memtb
  5. memtb

    Load Development Ruger #1 - .300 Wby

    That’s pretty darn respectable……Congratulations! memtb
  6. memtb

    Who else is...

    Well……color me as very envious! Great job! I used to do a lot of pull-ups…..35 years ago! 🤬 Will be be 70 in December, and have started, in January, to try and get back into some semblance of decent shape! I want to incoprorate pull-ups into my little workout routine….but, just can’t get...
  7. memtb

    Damn Weather

    Colorado Cowboy, #1’s can be ”fickle”! Sometimes they shoot awsome…..sometimes really poorly! I’ve never tried to “tune” one, but, I’ve heard about tricks that those knowledge with #1’s usually do to make them shoot! Do an internet search….you may find the info you need! Good Luck! memtb
  8. memtb

    Damn Weather

    Not that I have time or motivation to walk (OK load all the gear in the Polaris Ranger) the 50 yards to my shooting bench……we’ve got wind also. We rarely get wind, except when a front is moving through, but Ma Nature is trying to make up for lost time! Most often, just go out and shoot! memtb
  9. memtb

    Hornady Interlock

    Probably the best cup and core bullet out there……provided that the impact speed is kept fairly reasonable. For high velocity impacts, I’d prefer a bonded bullet, a partition type bullet or a mono! memtb
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    What is everyone up to?

    That’s more snow than we’ll see in 5 years! 🤬 memtb
  11. memtb

    What is everyone up to?

    Hey Tim, What’s that all white stuff in the bike photo? 😉 If it’s what I think it is......we don’t get that here! memtb
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    Tikka or Weatherby or browning.

    Tikka! Or better yet....A New Haven manufactured Winchester Model 70, which wasn’t on your list! 😉 memtb
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    What is everyone up to?

    Just “chill’n”! 🤪 minus 17 F yesterday morning, and minus 15 F this morning! memtb
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    New to Wyoming

    Welcome to Wyoming! I you can enjoy what our state has to offer......Freedom! May we forever have the ability to hunt, and provide a better way of life for our children and maintain some of the lowest crime statistics in the US! memtb
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    Recovered Bullets 2021!

    I’d love to share a photo, however, our hunting season ......wasn’t! Though the last bullet that I recovered was in 1993 (I think) from a small bull elk that I made a “Texas Heart Shot” on! Bullet entered left ham just left of the “bullseye” (running elk), shattered the pelvis, went...
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    Hammer Bullets

    I believe that the thought is that you get additional tissue damage with these petals as they spread out, giving a much larger initial wound chanel....while the shank portion continues on, often giving an exit wound! I am a devout user of Barnes mono bullets since the early ‘90’s, I think...
  17. memtb

    Sidearm preference

    I don’t carry a handgun (any handgun) when back country hunting, for exactly the same reason.....weight, bulk! I carry the handgun when handgun hunting. For myself, it’s either rifle or handgun.....not both! memtb
  18. memtb

    Sidearm preference

    I have some 300 grain cast, for light loads @ around 1100 fps. My 400’s @ near 1600 fos, and made some shot shells, using 444 Marlin Mag cases , 1/2 ounce of #8 shot....duplicating 2 1/2” 410’s . memtb
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    Sidearm preference

    I talked with John about 6 months ago, my 460 was the topic of our conversation.....but, I never asked him why it was tested! I gotta do that one day. Or better yet, the next time they gather in Cody for some shooting....I’ll bring my 460 with my 400’s and take a run at that test! memtb
  20. memtb

    Sidearm preference

    There have been quite a few Alaskan Browns and Grizzlies hunted and taken with handguns using the proper bullets! Not to mention, quite a few large African game animals.... some of them members of the the Big 5! Several years ago John Linebaugh held a get together in Cody, Wyoming (I think)...