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    Reducing Torque

    I need to increase the accuracy and precision in my arrow groups with my compound bow. Certainly I have user error, but I'd like to hear how others minimize torque to aid this process.
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    Advice for stopping noise from arrow & rest on draw

    Had a new QADmxt rest installed on my bow. Getting a "squeal" as I draw back the arrow in the initial 4 to 6 inches, both when cocking rest first and when letting the fall away rise as I draw back. No change after 100 shots with carbon GoldTips. The factory supplied felt applied to the rest...
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    Diamond Creek Archery Elk - Spike Camp a winner???

    Lucky and snagged an elk archery tag for Diamond Creek Unit for this fall. Have never hunted the area. I'm out of state and won't have an opportunity to scout before season, but I'm thinking of hiking in a few miles from a road and putting up a spike camp for a solo hunt in mid to late...
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    Another ID Rookie looking for Elk

    Since I haven't had any luck drawing a tag this year, and am putting in for points in remainders, I'm interested in hunting Idaho OTC for elk this year. I've never hunted Idaho but it looks enticing since Colorado was a complete bust last year. I've seen several posts from folks asking about...
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    2016 Wyoming Elk Draw Success?

    Please reply on Mathewrrabon's thread. Sorry, Mathew, didn't see your earlier post. How did you fare? What are your plans? I didn't pull an elk tag in Wyoming so I'm holding out hope for other states. If I come up empty handed I guess I'll be hunting ID or possibly CO on an OTC tag.
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    New Member

    Hello - I've been an Eastman's subscriber for several years but didn't start following the forum until this spring. It's great to have the opportunities afforded by this venue. Thank you, Eastman's. I enjoy all types of outdoor activities and wish only that I had more time to enjoy them...
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    Bow Opener vs Week 2 for OTC elk

    This will be my first bow hunt for elk. I have 1 week to bow hunt OTC in Colo. Given that I wouldn't be able to begin hunting until the Monday after a Saturday opener in week 1, I'd appreciate any thoughts about advantages and disadvantages of hunting the 1st vs. 2nd week of the season.