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  1. Musket Man

    32 gauge anyone!

    I went to a gun show today and came home with a single shot Iver Johnson Champion in 32 gauge! I have herd of 24 and 32 gauge but this is the first one of either I have seen. I was surprised to see that Midway sells shotshells for it. I will probably get brass hulls and load my own for it. Has...
  2. Musket Man

    New Truck!

    Finally found my new truck. I been kinda browsing for over a year and finally decided this was the one! 2002 7.3 powerstroke 4X4 6 speed!
  3. Musket Man

    41-42 Antelope!

    Headed to 41-42 for antelope next week!!! I hunted deer there a few years ago but all I learned about antelope there is I dont want to go where I hunted deer. Im thinking about going along the Nevada border in 42 and some of the wilderness study areas. If anyone has any info on this area they...
  4. Musket Man

    2016 Nevada Draw Results Coming Soon!!!!!

    How to move a rock
  5. Musket Man

    45 Auto loads!

    I loaded some test loads today for my Springfield 1911 45 ACP's. 185 grain Hornady XTP with 4.5 and 5.5 grains 700X. 5 and 6 grains HP-38 230 grain Hornady XTP with 4.5 and 5 grains 700X. 4.5 and 5.5 grains HP-38 What are your favorite 45 Auto loads?
  6. Musket Man

    6.5 Creedmoor barrel

    If you were building this barrel in 6.5 Creedmoor how would you configure it and why? Thanks!
  7. Musket Man

    RCBS AR series dies

    Im wondering if anyone has used these and what your thoughts are. Are they worth buying if I already have standard dies? My 223 is still in pieces in a box so I have not tried it with the dies I have yet. I have 1000 pieces of once fired brass I plan to load once I get the gun together and test...
  8. Musket Man

    We got her first deer!!!!!!

    The big smile says it all! Im so proud of this girl and so happy I helped her and was there with her when she got her first deer!!!!! Opening day, Saturday was kind of a tough day and nothing worked out like I expected. I work for her father on their farm and I get to watch the deer on it all...
  9. Musket Man


    Could you legally walk down Railroad tracks or a railroad right of way to access public land?
  10. Musket Man

    When you cant do what you used to do.

    Ever since I was sent to Iraq I have had alot of physical problems I never had before. Joint pain, hands and arms going numb, ect. I just cant work like I used to anymore without feeling like I got run over by a bus. I have always got things done at work although it has been difficult at times...
  11. Musket Man

    Magruder Corridor

    I have been wanting to go over the Magruder Corridor and explore some of the surrounding wilderness for the last several years but every summer/fall I get busy and haven't made it yet. This year with a general deer tag in my pocket that opens 9/15 and no other hunts planned I am determined to...
  12. Musket Man

    2016 Nevada Draw Results Coming Soon!!!!!

    Because we always start the next years thread before the results post!!!
  13. Musket Man

    Memorial Day

    Hard to believe its been 10 years. May God be with you my brothers!!! "This year marks ten years since the 1st Battalion 184th Infantry Regiment (Air Assault) conducted a year of offensive operations against anti-coalition forces on the Karadah Peninsula in the south of Baghdad Iraq. This...
  14. Musket Man


    Has anyone else ordered from them lately? it has taken them forever to ship my last few orders. Even more frustrating is I have ordered things from them that were in stock and by the time they got to my order they were out of stock. I try to order from them because of the C&R discount they give...
  15. Musket Man

    5.56 ammo ban.

    ATF is trying to ban M855 ball ammunition. The 1986 police protection act banned armor piercing pistol ammo. Now with short barrel AR's being classified as pistols ATF is trying to reclassify M855 as armor piercing pistol ammo and ban it. Personally I have no use for M855 and could care less...
  16. Musket Man

    2014 Nevada Antelope story!

    Will not be posted on the forum because I just got an email it will be published in EHJ!!!!!!! A big thankyou to all the forum members that helped me plan my hunt and the one member that helped write the story! I am truely honored to have the opportunity to share my story in EHJ!
  17. Musket Man

    Savage Axis/Ruger American.

    Does anyone have any experience with either of these guns? Im thinking about getting 1 of these for my niece to start hunting with (she just turned 12 and I got her an antelope point!). Both look like a pretty good gun for the money but Im having trouble getting past the cheap feeling plastic...
  18. Musket Man

    Black Ice.

    My Girlfriend and I went to the Cabelas invitation only club members only sale sunday night. When we went up at around 5 it was in the low 40's, coming back it was right at 32 and the road looked fine. Just before a short overpass where the 2 lane highway crosses a county road the back of the...
  19. Musket Man


    "(v) while hunting if the hunting is legal in all places where the person to whom the firearm is transferred possesses the firearm and the person to whom the firearm is transferred has completed all training and holds all licenses or permits required for such hunting" Basically if your...
  20. Musket Man

    Washington NR youth prices.

    Does anyone know if the youth price of $21.80 for a deer tag applies to nonresident youth too? The regs say "youth under 16" but does not specify if that is for R only or R and NR youth. I would like to get my niece from CA up here to hunt in a year or 2. Thanks!