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    Demographics of Eastmans Hunting Forum

    soon to be 47. construction worker. backpack hunter. lived in colorado 13 years from FL
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    Shoot or Pass?

    love the brows but i'll pass
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    Pack weight? Who weighs theirs and how much?

    Horse outfitter weighed my pack at the trailhead in 2018: 64 # with muzzleloader , binocs 10 x 42, spotting scope, tripod, food, 3 L water, xtra clothes, tent, pad, bag... all hunting stuff for 10 days. Trying to shave pounds each year. Got a little lighter in sleeping pad and bag in...
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    Best hunting boots????

    You have to spend some dough for good boots! Foot comfort is key to happy hunting! I 've used Hanwag Lhasa's fo 3 years of hard backpacking hunts. They are uninsulated but i find myself wearing them in late season elk hunts too because they are so comfortable. i do not wear them when...
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    colorado mule deer-rifle-unit 15

    Ha Ha. I live here in yampa and could see that happening... Some dudes in the Royal Hotel bar (it has since burned down) started talkin some sh** towards me while i was in there for a burger and beer and football after hunting in the Flat Tops before i moved here... I did not wish to go 1...
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    MZ buck Sept 2019

    New to the forum here. I ve been loving Eastman's journal, books, vids, hats for about 12 years. Here's my high country muzzleloader buck from this year. I saw this buck 2 years ago while hunting another buck. He is a little smaller here in 2019. Teeth were well worn, down to gums...
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    What Is Your Favorite All Around Caliber...And Why????

    I'm a .30 06 guy too. Got one for Christmas when i was 10 years old, a used Remington 742 woodsmaster. Shot a few muleys with it after moving to colorado in 2004 , but I wasn't accurate after 100 yds. Short barrel, used heavily, maybe barrel was copper fouled? Itching for a new one once...
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    Boleets have spongy underside of cap instead of gills. I was schooled on them on a high country deer hunt in 2017 by some older folks foraging for them. They gave me a nice big one and it elevated my tuna and ramen quite a bit! Definitely do your research, get some help by experienced...
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    A good book

    Hunting books: a paperback copy of Eastman's "Hunting high country mule deer." I was given a copy of Alaska Bear Tales and promptly buried in the garage! I don't want to ever read that! I just finished Larry McMurtry's short bio of Crazy Horse. A good read. I have never taken a...