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    Who is bowhunting where?

    Archery deer in Arizona & late rifle elk in Arizona.
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    Animals in Packs!

    Packing out my 2012 AZ bull. Packing out my 77 tear old dads 2017 bull Sorry for the sideways pictures can't figure out to fix them
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    McCall zone unit 25 question

    Hey guys quick question I'm planning a solo trip for rifle elk in unit 25. Never hunted Idaho before what can I expect as far as severe weather that time of year. I have good gear & 4x4 truck. I've been scouring google earth for areas to camp away from major roads & crowds. I don't want to get...
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    McCall Zone Question

    Looking to do a rifle elk in unit 25 of this zone, wondering what to expect as far as weather & pressure this time of year. I had planed to hunt archery in Diamond creek zone, but can't go that time of year & I heard it was sold out. I am not asking for anyone's honey holes as I am doing the...
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    Unit advice

    Hey guys looking to do a OTC archery elk hunt in Idaho & was wondering which unit would be better for a first timer to Idaho? I am looking at Tex creek Or Diamond creek not asking for any honey holes just which unit is would be better. I just want to hunt elk tired of not drawing tags!! Looking...
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    Need some advice

    Hello everyone I did not draw an elk tag in Arizona this year so thought I would give the beautiful state of Idaho a try. I am not looking for honey holes. I am seeking info where I should focus for a fun hunt with a chance at branch antler bull. I have never hunted Idaho, but been there...
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    vortex vultures 15x56

    Anyone have any thoughts on these binos ? The price is good , but how do they compare to the viper 15x50 or the Kaibab 15x56?
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    vortex viper hd 15x50 or vulture hd 15x56

    Anyone have any advice on these binos I have heard real good reviews on the vipers, and some good on the vultures. The vulture 15x56 are new so not sure about them. I don't have the money for swaros so they are not an option. How much of a difference in the 15x50 vs 15x56? Just trying to get the...
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    Looking for help

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone can put me in the right direction for an archery elk hunt? Not looking for any honey holes just a starting point with possibility of a branch antlered bull. I have never hunted Idaho before , and looking to get my feet wet. I will be doing my homework, but just not...
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    Whats in your daypack

    Hey guys just wanted to know what everyone carries in their daypacks