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  1. FitToHunt

    Renting a spotter vs high end binos September Elk

    I'm trying to have the discipline to actually spend some significant time glassing. I've only have limited success with my typical run, gun, call strategy. I wanna up my game. My normal approach to glassing is randomly find a spot I can see, glass for 30 min, don't see anything. Then go...
  2. FitToHunt

    Renting a spotter vs high end binos September Elk

    So I've never had the patience for glassing to justify the high end price tag. Right now I've got some vortex Diamondbacks 12x50. I want to rent some glass this year, and FORCE myself to actually use it for elk this September. So my question is: should I rent a spotter or some higher end...
  3. FitToHunt

    Stepping my game up

    Yep, WY is the plan this year. Should have enough points to draw a general tag this year. Will do archery, then rifle if necessary. Might do CO muzzleloader too.
  4. FitToHunt

    Stepping my game up

    I think you're right Tim. I've done very little rifle hunting. I seem to put all my eggs in the archery basket, which probably puts more pressure on to get it done in a shorter amount of time. I do plan to put more into rifle hunting in the following years for sure.
  5. FitToHunt

    Stepping my game up

    I think the next evolution in my skills may be being a more disciplined glasser. I tend to give it up pretty quick to put miles on my boots and call more.
  6. FitToHunt

    Stepping my game up

    Ivd done all that. Elknut, Elk 101, watch/read everything I can get my hands on. Then apply those strategies on the field. I'm just looking to be good enough to fill just about any tag I get. There are guys out there that do. I'd like to go from intermediate to advanced.
  7. FitToHunt

    Stepping my game up

    Any old dogs out there, that could use a little extra muscle in the backcountry in exchange for sharing some wisdom. I'd be interested.
  8. FitToHunt

    Stepping my game up

    Agreed, rutting elk in September is as good as it gets.
  9. FitToHunt

    draw weight ??????????????????????

    I believe most states have a minimum legal draw weight around 45#. With that being said you can still achieve solid kenetic energy if you increase your arrow weight, and foc. You'll just need to be realistic about your trajectory and effect range. So, really your question should be: what draw...
  10. FitToHunt

    Stepping my game up

    Theres some good points in there I haven't really considered. I definitely don't spend as much time in the mountains as I used to, in other times of the year. I do hear people saying finding elk is tough, but killing them can be easy. I found the exact opposite. I always find them fast...
  11. FitToHunt

    Stepping my game up

    I'm definitely not a novice. In addition to the 3 I've killed. I've also called in multiple bulls for other guys and got my buddy his first bull. I do always hunt out of state, so time in the field is limited by distance. I definitely agree, spending as much time in the elk woods is going to...
  12. FitToHunt

    Stepping my game up

    Is it reasonable to expect an outfitter to be willing to teach a client all his tricks of the trade, more than just helping me fill my tag?
  13. FitToHunt

    Stepping my game up

    I always here the saying " 10% of the people kill 90% of the animals". I'd consider myself a moderately successful bow hunter. I've killed 3 elk in 10 years on public land with a bow. But have eaten tag soup for 5 straight years. Despite constantly learning and investing more effort into it...
  14. FitToHunt

    Ever met a hunting partner on here, or any other forum?

    Curious to hear people's experiences meeting others for hunts on this, or other similar forums. I know for me it's always been tough to find like-minded individuals to bow hunt with specifically. With trying to coordinate dates, having the $, or the interest in doing the types of backcountry...
  15. FitToHunt

    Mineral licks

    Curious out there what success people have had with mineral licks for elk... If so what kind? One of the areas I'm looking to use them is more lowland AG fields. So, I'm hoping to pattern them more like a whitetail. Thoughts?
  16. FitToHunt

    Unit 30, 66, 0r 67 Elk?

    Didn't draw anything this year. So, I'm looking at Idaho for my September ELK hunt. After applying some filters on GoHunt for trophy size, harvest success, bull/cow ratio, and hunting pressure. I think I've got it narrowed down to three potential units for a back-country bow hunt. Units 30, 66...
  17. FitToHunt

    Foot protection and warmth

    Curious about what guys have used to help protect your dogs feet for waterfowling. I'm pretty skeptical of the hunting booties on the market. Seems like they're designed mostly for smaller, upland dogs... I've got an 83lb lab, and I just imagine them coming off in the first hour or so... Has...
  18. FitToHunt

    Block Management areas?

    Hello all, I'm trying to get a sense of the quality of block managment areas for a rifle elk hunt. I know this is probably a pretty loaded question, since I'm sure there are some that are great and some that are not.... I'm looking at some in the phillipsburg area as a way to target some of...
  19. FitToHunt

    Mega Tarp with Annex and Stove for Sale

    Lightly used mega tarp with annex and smith cylinder stove for sale. $600 OBO Call or text (360)820-4771
  20. FitToHunt

    Just drew Unit 18 archery ELK tag!

    Just put in for the second draw and drew this hells canyon tag on a whim. Archery. I've never been in this unit before, but I've heard lots about it. Anyone willing to share some info? It would be greatly appreciated. You can reply here or pm, either is fine. Thanks guys!