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    2021 Elk Success Thread

    Colorado 2nd season was good to us we went 2 for 4
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    Colorado area 40

    I drew area 40 muzzleloader tag. Never put an eye on it before. Plan on parking my butt and glassing for a mature buck. I have all season to hunt and explore. I have a few ideas on where to start but open to suggestions
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    6 Colorado elk points

    I haven't hunted Colorado in a couple years and my old spot isn't worth 6 points. Just looking for a few more ideas on areas to hunt during muzzleloader or rifle season. Not looking for a monster just I good hunt. I have lots of vacation days to use this year.
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    Eastern sports and outdoor show boycott

    I saw on "" that 233 exhibitors pulled out because the promoter doesn't like black rifles. The same promoter does the SHOT show
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    Wyoming antlerless elk area 121

    I was thinking of getting a antlerless elk tag for area 121 and hunting the first of November. Anyone know the area. And why so many leftover antlerless tags?