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  1. dustin ray

    prhunter 2022 AZ elk

  2. dustin ray

    Artemis 1 - Back to the moon

    this is all way over my head
  3. dustin ray

    My Wife Drew AZ Desert Sheep in 44B North!

    congrats Hottingers family meats in Chino id call ahead Barstow meats in Apple Valley
  4. dustin ray

    The Memes Thread!

    GR8 my friend You should go to Lake Mead and take a look how low the water level is your boy is draining empty just in time for nov. it might help the TDS
  5. dustin ray

    The Memes Thread!

    T D S is alive and well but dont worry the best is yet to come have a good day savages
  6. dustin ray

    Fuel prices affect

    Yes fuel price sucks but If the tanks go dry then we got a problem keeping up with this hording this is a full time job ammo ,TP ,beans,water ,ammo ,guns ,lumber,beer ,now its propane and diesel
  7. dustin ray

    Kaibab buck

    My sons Kaibab hunt was an awesome experience
  8. dustin ray

    How many of you will get the Covid shot?

    So the 10,000 pluse people who have died after they made their choice and took the expermental drug so is that committimg suicide also.
  9. dustin ray

    Question...Starter Gun For Kids?

    My first gun was a 410 single shot my dad loved to hunt ducks he would send me out to jump ducks off ponds so they would fly hes way he would only give me 7 shells per hunt he told me if can shot 7 ducks with 7 shells he will buy me a new 12 gage over and under one morning i came back with 7...
  10. dustin ray

    Caption contest for prize!

    im going to be featured on the cover of Eastmans journal
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    Bitches be like that here in CA there CRAZY
  12. dustin ray

    The Memes Thread!

  13. dustin ray

    The Memes Thread!

  14. dustin ray

    Early Draw !!! Results Friday!!!!!

    deer 221-223 early
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    The Memes Thread!

  16. dustin ray

    The Memes Thread!

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    The Memes Thread!

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    The Memes Thread!

  19. dustin ray

    The Memes Thread!