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    WYOMING 90/10 UPDATE | The best blog you'll read all year! - by Guy Eastman

    only special may increase. Hicks still has to convince the legislature that his high prices are normal in the west, which is pure bs.
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    Has anyone used ZOF?

    chappell is top notch, they have no restrictions other than where you can apply vs your point level. diamond outfitters also tells you where to apply, and you won't be applying for a hunt where you'll draw in the bonus pass
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    Big time Poacher Bust

    I thought the thread would be about muley crazy ryan hatch and his side chick alan hamberlain?
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    Elk unit 48

    i believe they changed 113 to every year; this year 5x or less on a type 2, next year will be type 1
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    Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce Rejects 90/10

    You have the head of WYOGA on the task force, pushing for an outfitter draw, then he sends emails to his client list asking them to send task force comments in favor of that outfitter draw. Anybody can see the conflict, but not the co-chairs of the task force. It's a clown show at best.
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    WY 90/10 Deer/Elk/Antelope Question

    Non residents can get the same 3 Elk, 6 Deer, and 6 Pronghorn as residents. It's a whole lot tougher now but those are the caps.
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    Utah's 2022 Big Game Application Book

    app dates are changing for 2023, your 2022 license will not be valid for applications in 2023 negating the 2 year span option
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    FL Bushing Die then Expander Mandrel to Set Neck Tension

    I going to use a neck bushing to set neck tension, then seat the bullet. I see no benefit to an expander mandrel. The common thought is the expander rounds out the id of the case neck, which is true, but the bullet will do the same thing. I've just used the standard expander ball in the past. As...
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    Best unit in Wy?

    The top hunt areas will take 14-15 points this year. Those guys got in on the ground floor. There are 36,697 people going into 2021 with 1 point, 21,797 with 2. Starting today you will likely not live long enough to draw the 2-3 top end hunt areas.
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    draw weight ??????????????????????

    I'm hunting with 52# and have zero worries. 420 +- gr , slick trick or spitfire 100.
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    Costco Trekking Poles

    great for the price
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    is NRA doomed ???????????

    If the Org hasn't learned yet, they never will. And obviously, they haven't learned a thing. After trashing YETI I quit caring.
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    Unit 16 Elk Wyoming

    rifle or bow? I was given info in confidence so I can't pass those areas on but can answer some general questions.
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    Jim Shockey

    He should stick with TV.
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    Antelope numbers and tags issued?

    I took my brother to a south central wyoming hunt area this year and we were covered up in Antelope. I hunted it a cpl years ago and there were plenty of animals then too. We saw hundreds on the drive home. I have been in a hunt area that was pretty sparse but it was one of the areas around...
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    How often do you change cables and strings ?

    If you're changing a loop more than once a year you have a problem with the hook on the release and/or some bad loop material.
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    2 Blade Fixed Broadhead, No Blood Trail

    Congrats. I shot a Bull with a large 3 blade, pass thru, and got zero blood as well. Weird stuff can happen at times.
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    AZ Jimmy John Bull

    1.5 Billion allegedly
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    AZ Jimmy John Bull

    He sold Jimmy Johns a year ago.
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    antelope doe/fawn tags

    Hunter numbers aren't declining in Wyoming.