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    Not a hunting rig, well it once was. I bought a new engine for my Jeep. It?s a 600HP small block 427, should be running in a couple weeks.
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    I built this truck last year, it?s been awesome. It?s agile enough to go anywhere I want it to and enough truck to pull my 25? RV trailer. I have a spare everything in the tool box, starter, alternator, belt, hoses etc. it doesn?t get the best mileage but I fixed that with a 70 gallon slip tank...
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    Skull Hangers

    I mounted this bull on an old hand made pack frame I picked up at a garage sale about 30 years ago. It is my wife?s favorite mount in the house.
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    Lever action rimfire rifle?

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I?m thinking about buying one to pack around while scouting for pesky predators like coyotes. More than one occasion Ive ran across them and not had a rifle on me because I don?t like packing my hunting rifles all the time. I?ve always wanted a lever action but...
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    Street Rods you own

    Here?s a close up of the engine
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    Street Rods you own

    my street rod is a CJ5, it is a sleeper, 500+ hp small block Chevy. Also have the ?72 Blazer Oh and a big block Chevy powered sand rail.
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    Single Action Revolver

    I like my .44 my best 100 yard group
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    reloading the 25-06? Velocitiy low with 100gr bullets

    I go with 50 gr IMR 4831 with 100 gr Nosler BT’s for my coyote load. I have no idea how fast but I don’t really care.
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    A first for me

    Vacation time! Hunting for me is over this year, I did Deer and elk hunt on the weekends. Archery for elk nearly came together on a small bull at 27 yards but a tree got in the way. I did manage to kill a buck with my rifle which I haven?t done for quite some time. Hers a few pics from this year.
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    The 2018 Mule Deer Picture Thread!

    Here?s this years Oregon ?Cascade Blacktail AKA Mule deer.
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    Let?s see your best sheds or deadheads

    That would be good information to have. Apparently I have no clue where that is. The one elk she I did find was in an area I’ve never seen an elk in. Head high manzanita that I could barely get through, only way I found it was I stepped on it. I would go back there to look for sheds if I had to.
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    A first for me

    I scheduled my annual week of for this upcoming fall. Since the late 80?s I have taken a week off in the fall to go hunting. This year I?m going to Hawaii instead. The hunting has become so bad here in Oregon that for the first time in my life I would rather do something else with my time off...
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    Close rifle shots.

    With so much talk about how far we can shoot, I would like the hear some how close stories. My personal best on an animal I put a stalk on was my bighorn, I shot him at 18 paces with my 25-06. I shot a deer at 13 paces with the same rifle once back when my brothers and I would make drives. My...
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    Let's see something old

    Not hunting related but my dads truck is 60 years old now, it?s an original 4WD 1958 Chevy Apache. He?s had it for 47 years and done everything with it from daily driving, racing, hunting, he even used to pull his backhoe around town with it. It?s had lots of different engines over the years...
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    Other Hobbies

    Working on cars, racing. I like to fix older rigs and sell them to make a little money. Sometimes I don?t make much but it keeps me busy. I also sand drag race, not as much as I would like to but still make at least one race a year. I have a sand rail and a jeep that I race. The jeep I?ve had...
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    What was your heaviest load???

    The only one I weighed was 128# it was a hind quarter, head/horns of a bull tha netted 300# of meat. I may have packed heavier loads but not sure. I did pack two hind quarters of a bull on one hunt a 1/2 mile or so, I?m sure it was more than the one I weighed. I like loads under 80# nothing like...
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    Let's see something old

    It was 1982 opening day fo my first Blacktail deer season. Dad gave me the rifle the night before and told me it was ready to go. He was a throw him in the water, he will learn how to swim kind of Dad. Well I killed this buck with the first shot I ever shot from this Winchester M70 25-06. Dad...
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    To hot for me!

    It's cooled down enough and it feels good to get out. The deadfall in my spot is really bad this year. The elk are still quiet and the cows I saw yesterday are still single. Maybe next weekend.
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    Remington's $6,000 sheep rifle...?

    I just used an old 25-06 I had laying around. The sheep did't have a clue .
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    To hot for me!

    Too hot for me! Yesterday was opening day for bow season, I hunted about three hrs in the morning and called it a weekend. It's just to damn warm and I don't even want to try to deal with taking care of an elk in mid 80 degree temperature. Next weekend is calling for 90's, I guess I will have...