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  1. Fink

    Small Pistol Safe

    You post a lot of stupid shit here, this might be the most egregious.
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    Small Pistol Safe

    I bought the hornady pistol safe that also has the keypad on it, after our first child was born. Been really happy with it, can’t really see any way a kid could get into it and cause an accident. Actually going to buy another one for my office. Go for it!
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    Wildlife task force, 90-10, etc.

    I'm not following, is this because non residents are guaranteed a certain number of tags - the total quota would just be far fewer limited quota tags, and the balance made up with additional general tags?
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    Wildlife task force, 90-10, etc.

    I'm booking with an outfitter this fall, for a 2027 hunt - they're booked that far in advance. Currently have a couple elk points, was going to try and squeeze a general tag in the next year or two, but looks like I might need to save the points, and go into the 2027 draw with 8 points just to...
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    Lolz at his last name..
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    CC hits

    Got the unsuccessful email. Once again, I've somehow failed to draw anything, despite having less than single digit odds on everything!
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    Opening morning

    Cross the border, and take him to Kansas next spring. The youth season over there has amazing dates, and the WIHAs are good, especially early. If you do it, gimme a shout, I'll get you some starting points.
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    Results are Up

    Swing and a miss. I'm in trouble if there's a bunch of creep on my Colorado choice...
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    Youth Double

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    Best Way to Sharpen a Knife

    Outdoor Edge or Havalon knives with replaceable blades are the way to go. I have a worksharp that I use occasionally, but I struggle to not mess up the tip of the knife. A few years ago, I accidentally ground down the point on my favorite Benchmade knife.. I sent it in to have them fix it...
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    Dog issue

    I find this a bit frustrating. Getting a lab puppy, and relegating it to a kennel so small that it gets its own poop/pee on it, for 14+ hours a day is pretty rough. I think there's a huge difference between spending 8 hours a day lounging in the house, vs 8 hours in a tiny kennel. Does he at...
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    Apps Are In

    Just got my app in today as well. Judging by the point requirements, I think we're headed the same direction. Best of luck to you!
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    2021 Turkey plans

    Started a new job a month or so I'll limit my vacation time for this spring. Will hunt Western Kansas for early archery season, before Missouri opens up. Have a friend coming in from out of state to try his hand at turkey hunting, will spend a few days calling for him. My boy is about 3 and...
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    Why the animosity?

    Quite a few valid points in here. I think often times, farmers/ranchers are their own worst enemies. As a public land hunter/agricultural farm owner, I'd like to think I can see things from both points of views. As a land owner, it's exasperating to deal with people that think they have the...
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    Favorite Autoloading Shotguns

    I need anther autoloader like I need another hole in my head..... But, WHEN I buy my next one, it'll be one of the new Browning A5's. I still shoot my 1950's A5, but wouldnt mind a new one for some of the rougher, dirtier hunts where I don't want to risk my Belgium. I do hate being a lefty...
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    How many of you will get the Covid shot?

    Man, there's a lot of nonsense in this thread.... I'm still a bit sketched out by the vaccine. My wife has to make a decision by tomorrow if she'll take it - She works in a small clinic. I'm not really sure what happens if she declines. We will most likely try for a third child soon, and...
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    Guys in the market?

    My wife freaked out back in March, when our retirement accounts lost 30%+ in a couple days, wanted to pull it all out, and do what, I dont know.. I didnt pull it out, just added more, and started throwing every extra penny I had into my funny money account. By the end of the year, retirement...
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    Duck dog

    Not to continually go back to labs, when you're heart is clearly set on something else... But, I could not ask for a better family dog than my lab. My kids are 3.5 and 1.5 years old, our dog has been an absolute saint with them, both indoors and outdoors. she's very sweet and patient with...
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    Duck dog

    Another thing to consider is weather. Labs are built for the extreme cold weather and water conditions you'd be putting them through up there in Nebraska. I can't comment on the other dogs ability, but I'm not sure you can beat a Lab for cold water duck and goose retrieves.
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    Jim Shockey

    I'm getting damn tired of voting for the lesser or two evils.