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  1. DRUSS

    WYOMING 90/10 UPDATE | The best blog you'll read all year! - by Guy Eastman

    It would be interesting to know what all the tag application services are recommending their client to do on this? I think that a good amount of people use these services and really just lean on the service for all the information for the current applications. i do agree next couple seasons...
  2. DRUSS

    2023 Coues

    congrats thats nice buck!
  3. DRUSS

    What’s your plans?

    LOL, you ask but didn't start??? archery season around home for ELK New later dates for rifle blacktails, cant miss this opportunity Wife may get her antelope tag this year also. Spring bear coming fast all Oregon Last season was pretty busy for me doing these type trips plus a wyoming type 9...
  4. DRUSS

    Elk Hunt

    have you been on a trip with them? my wife has 13
  5. DRUSS

    Broken Stuff

    thats recoil on a whole new level!!!
  6. DRUSS

    Leatherman - Great Company

    i agree, Leatherman is very good company to work with and the products perform quite well even while im abusing them.
  7. DRUSS

    September? WTF

    married my Wife in late June , she had a few dates as options to review and wanted a outdoor wedding. This year will be 19yrs going good!!! plenty of missed wedding and birthdays September thru November though. Others planning is OK with me, just dont expect much of me during the busy months :)
  8. DRUSS

    Recommended Day Pack

    This is why i ended up with my nicer packs
  9. DRUSS

    My Mounts are Getting Closer

    looks like nice mounts. i bet the trip was even better adventure
  10. DRUSS

    Recommended Day Pack

    if not packing any loads over 20-40# maybe the Kuiu venture? I also used to own a Nimrod pack that I really liked. it was quiet and waterproof, i just didnt like how it was setup for packing a load of meat. my packs are setup to be able to pack a meat load whenever im lucky enough to do so
  11. DRUSS

    Has anyone used ZOF?

    ZOF said they are OK with high points??, I am learning there is a few different outfitters with similar programs.
  12. DRUSS

    Has anyone used ZOF?

    I agree!! it just seems to good to be true? or what kind of services do you really get???
  13. DRUSS

    Recommended Day Pack

    i like my EXO 2000 and Kuiu 1800 or 2500 are nice too
  14. DRUSS

    Has anyone used ZOF?

    hey guys, just wanted to know if anyone has any experiences with Zero outfitter fees? used by Diamond Outfitters. something a friend told me about but i have never heard anybody using them or experiences with them. TIA
  15. DRUSS

    Exo Mountain K3 1800 pack review

    i really like my k2 2000 it works great for most my day hunting. i also had the K3 3500 it was great also but bigger than i needed for most of my day trips. living on the coast i really like the dry bag for the items that need to stay dry.
  16. DRUSS

    New Ranger

    congrats on your 4 door Northstar! i have a 2 door version. its been great. i did just pass 900 miles though....
  17. DRUSS

    Okay I drew a tag in Elk Unit 45 in WY now what?

    Here's a couple
  18. DRUSS

    Animals in Packs!

    This year's Archery bull