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  1. BKC

    Summertime visitor

    Here is the big one from last year. I don't know if he made it thru the season. I don't hunt around the house, I think my neighbors would hate me.
  2. BKC

    Summertime visitor

    Every year I move my horse and mule over to another pasture and then I start getting visits from the local mule deer. Last year I had 3 of them. So far only one this year but he is looking strange. In 2 months he is going to sport an absolutely huge war club.
  3. BKC

    Where would you move to if you had your choice of any western State to live in?

    I live in Colorado and can say from a hunting prospective, Colorado has it all. However, I do not like how my tax dollars are spent and the political climate. I have been in Colorado since 1965 and have seen it change for the worse and it is really accelerating now. I also do not want to spend...
  4. BKC

    Mr. Monroe

    That is a good looking wall hanger, congratulations!
  5. BKC

    Monsoons in SW Colorado

    The high plains east of Castle Rock are getting a good rain about every other day. My hay field has never been greener and thicker. I know most parts of Colorado have some level of drought going on but there is not much of a watershed here and most moisture just goes into the ground and fills...
  6. BKC

    Draw Results start tomorrow all week long !!!!

    I drew my sept. bear tag and my muzzleloader tag. Since I applied, I picked up quite the work load. I will have a hard time getting away this year. They may have to get turned back in. We shall see.
  7. BKC

    CO Point Creep in 2021? You Bet!!

    I think it is from a broken water pipe?
  8. BKC

    CO Point Creep in 2021? You Bet!!

    You would be ok with losing 8 or 9 points for a leftover tag? I have hunted on 2nd, 3rd and leftover tags for many years, that is how i have accumulated my points. I do not agree with that line of thinking.
  9. BKC

    Mount Pictures

    That is a monster muley!!!
  10. BKC

    Costco Trekking Poles

    I have them and have been using them for about 10 years. I am 6'3", 175# I have two 38" inseam treking poles that came OEM.
  11. BKC

    Costco Trekking Poles

    I just spent 4 days at the grand canyon. Everybody has these. I have never owned any. I think they are a pain in the ass, especially with binoculars.
  12. BKC

    Hunting CO?

    The key to drawing tags is to draw tags into quality units ( or a quality drainage within a unit ) and not use preference points. You have to be flexible with season and weapon choice. The biggest hurdle is putting up with the orange army. If you draw your first choice every year or every other...
  13. BKC

    Ammunition shortage

    I saw a video showing all the excess lumber, that this country supposedly doesn't have, stockpiled next to rail yards. Is our excess ammo and supplies being stockpiled somewhere?
  14. BKC

    Gun Shows

    Just a thought, How about breaking it up into pieces? so it is not a complete firearm?
  15. BKC

    Gun Shows

    CC. I heard that after 72 hours it was up to the seller if they wanted to sell it they could. I think the larger gun retail showroom dealers are not selling until they have an approved background check. I think it is a deliberate stall tactic on the feds part.
  16. BKC

    Ammunition shortage
  17. BKC

    Ammunition shortage

    It's all about the marketing. The pallet ( 3 sizes bigger than it needs to be) makes it look like there use to be 1000 bricks on it. The sign " limit 1 per". Most people won't even think twice. I bought the same at a garage sell for $25.
  18. BKC

    Leupold Spotting Scope / Eyeware Giveaway!

    It often changes, depending on what tag I have in my pocket, but I do love chasing deer!
  19. BKC

    Ammunition shortage

    Sent you a p.m.
  20. BKC

    Range Finding Binos?

    Sent my binos off to the factory to have them gone thru. They are about 10 years old and I thought they were losing some clarity. It took almost 4 months to get them back. They went to NJ and then to Europe to get worked on. They said they did it that way because of covid. New armor and eye...