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    Anyone bake pies?

    try pears instead of apples. pretty tasty
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    Elk hunting question

    get Mike Eastmans book Elk Hunting the West
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    Nosler Rifle Model 21

    sounds like a good combo, the 6.5 creedmor and the nosler 21. the creedmor is a pretty good cartridge, that does not kick. A little light for elk, but it has killed lots of them.
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    Who else is...

    I have a trade show in the same sinny place at the end of the month. I have been to vegas over 30 times for trade shows. That place gets real old real quick.
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    Hunting Doe

    I shot a whitetail doe the last day of the season, had an extra tag, already got my buck and we have a shitload of whitetail that live in my yard. I turned it all into burger and gave it away to my employees. win win. First doe in about 15 years. It did feel wierd though.
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    September? WTF

    tru dat, but the high country mountain biking is out of this world in septmeber and Hells Canyon and the Lower salmon river canyons are great for multi day rafting that time of year. I am just not a normal hunter. Most of my hunting is october and november, with an occasional (every few years)...
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    September? WTF

    I got married in september, but i don't even own a bow.
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    Does Eastmans still do MRS

    I have been thinking of buying into tag hub. Please make sure us non computer tech savy people can still use it.
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    Youngest son

    my body hurts today, pretty good powder day yesterday. with that said, it is better to hit the grave with a beat up body, versus a pristine body. stay safe is the worst thing to ever happen to this country. Ride fast and take chances!
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    Youngest son

    let him ride! I chased adrenalin hard, still do. The best thing my parents did was let me.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    woo hoo it is over!
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    AK Fishing

    Blast from the past, I lived in cooper landing in the early 90's and worked just down the road from them.
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    Finished off my season

    congrats and what is the FCFS?
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    AK Fishing

    I believe the border is just show and go. no more app, just like old times.
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    I did get an inreach text last week from a buddy who needed some help. He used a mini and typed it up via his phone.
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    2023 general tag

    just buy one in aug or sept. They where available this year(22),
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    How did everyone's hunt go this year is it what you expected and are you going to change your plans for next year?

    I ended up with my public land, otc bull and buck in idaho. Not my biggest animals, but i did have a fun season and seen some awesome country.
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    How did everyone's hunt go this year is it what you expected and are you going to change your plans for next year?

    one thing i have learned, is: as soon as you have a new spot, start looking for the next spot. Spots only seem to last 5 years or so. some more, some less. I would like to find some elk hunting in november. Deer are fun and all, but they ain't elk.
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    2022 Whitetail Success Thread!

    both fronts went into the crock pot, with 2 brown gravy packets, an au jus packet, onion soup mix packet, jarred garlic and a bud light. I bring something like this in every black friday for my team. put in on a roll with horseradish. pretty tasty.
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    2022 Whitetail Success Thread!

    Just a little dude, but it just felt right. Got my public land bull and buck.