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    Good Luck!

    Getting ready to leave for 065 Thursday-hoping pops gets another toad.
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    Post Your Best Mule Deer To Date

    2013-fun Hunt but the -15 was chilly!
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    131 Landowner Tag

    A friend/ guide just contacted me regarding this deer tag and the timing and $$ aren?t doable for me. Sounds like a September muzzleloader guided hunt with voucher. Thought I would put it out here before he advertises it.
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    Antelope -Finally!

    Well it finally happened a Likely Tables antelope tag. Pops drew a cow elk at Grizzly Island and a x3a tag.
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    NDOW -Bears

    Dale is one of the good guys- it is because of him and team that we get to bear hunt in Nevada!
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    Cool Mule Deer Video from Nevada
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    2016 Elk

    Where are they ? Let's see some pictures!
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    Interesting Spin on WOLVES!
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    257 Weatherby

    Is becoming my favorite deer size game clambering .Shooting 100 grain Barnes TTSX at 3600 + fps seems to be a killer.From 70yards to 650yards it has done a impressive job so far.
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    2015 Nevada Bull Home

    Thanks Joe and the crew at Wildlife Revolutions in Reno for a great mount. Gave Joe the challenge of 8 foot ceilings and other then that free rain of everything else. These are crappy cell phone(room wasn't big enough for decent camera) pictures but very impressed with the the work and turn...
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    Looks like I am headed to Reno tomorrow after I drop the daughter off at Davis to get my elk mount. Is there a good place to watch the game and maybe dinner?Open to suggestions or if anyone has time to kill and wants to grab a bite. Thanks
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    They are all up!

    Good Luck!
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    Ca Deer and Sheep are up!

    So far just a D tag for me! Max points for everything but deer - still not good draw odds! Good Luck.
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    So those that drew tags.

    What will you be looking for in filling your tag?
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    Bear Tag

    Anyone draw?
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    Pictures of your past Nevada animals.

    Well we have a week to go and thought it might get people even more pumped to see photos of past hunts. Let's see them!
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    Email 2016

    Just got it:(
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    Nevada Grand Slam

    Well anyone have one?If so what was the hardest animal to draw and harvest?
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Nevada Bull

    Well my fairy tail year in Nevada continues;) After many years of putting for a bull tag I received a bull tag in August.Here are a few pictures and waiting for more but these will do for now. <iframe width="480" height="360"...