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    What is Trophy Hunting?

    Trophy hunting is a specific type of hunting where a portion of the animal is kept as a souvenir to memorialize the experience. It is not illegal, as poaching is, but there is certainly a debate that surrounds the practice.
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    When did you kill your first deer?

    Since I was 17 it was with my dad!!
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    Costco Trekking Poles

    !! Appreciate !!
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    How do you hunt for hunting rifles on sale?

    Just this way! Don't mind its for fun!!
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    E-Bikes For Hunting?

    That would be a cool idea too.
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    Osso Goosoo

    Home delivery available ? Lol
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    I want a new smoker

    Ahh! I really feel so hungry to see that!
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    So sad! May god save them.
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    Dog issue

    . . Exactly It should be half of his fixed time. I really feel so bad to read the story!!
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    Hi, I'm garivelle borcha, I'm just 30 world traveler. Next post is coming soon!