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  1. Timber Stalker

    What’s your plans?

    I fully intend on rifle hunting blacktail and archery hunting elk here in Oregon. Out of state will depend on draw results.
  2. Timber Stalker

    New World Record Mtn Goat

  3. Timber Stalker

    The Memes Thread!

    That looks like someone who works on a rock crusher. I’ve seen a lot of crazy engineering to keep a crusher running
  4. Timber Stalker

    How many states....

    Long shot for Wyoming elk, good chance at Wyoming antelope. Will also put my name it the hat for Nevada all species. Home state of Oregon is long shot draws withe otc backup. (I actually have better hunting on OTC units) So no disappointment when I don’t draw.
  5. Timber Stalker

    The View From Here (New Years)

    It would be difficult to put that buck in the shop. We are looking at a new place and one of the main factors is where will the big horn go. It won’t be in the shop!
  6. Timber Stalker

    Official Post Padding Thread

    Anyone try them male enhancement gummy’s?
  7. Timber Stalker

    Official Post Padding Thread

    Musket man was definitely a favorite of mine. I often wonder where he went
  8. Timber Stalker

    Official Post Padding Thread

    I agree Alabama, lots of fun back then. I miss some of those guys for sure.
  9. Timber Stalker

    September? WTF

    I must be old fashioned, lately the young men and women in my family have been having kids and getting married in September. Do these young fold not think ahead these days? September is , well I don’t need to tell you guys… I’ll be missing a couple weddings and birthday parties next fall.
  10. Timber Stalker

    The View From Here (New Years)

    You have yourself a beautiful slice of heaven G247! Southern Or is a great place to be, congrats on your success and the reward for your efforts. Your grandkids will love spending time there.
  11. Timber Stalker

    Wyoming Elk Outfitter 2023

    I sent you a PM. I’ve been looking for a while now and have learned quite a bit. I’m in a very similar situation other than I’m flying solo. I’m hoping to make something happen in the next 0-4 years.
  12. Timber Stalker

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas to all you hunting families.
  13. Timber Stalker

    New Ranger

    Congrats on the new ride!
  14. Timber Stalker

    Animals in Packs!

    Man, I love this thread. Thanks for bringing it back boys! I’ll add my daughters archery bull and blacktail buck just for fun.
  15. Timber Stalker

    I got my Horns back today......

    Ol skool horn mount, NICE!
  16. Timber Stalker

    Finished off my season

    Boy howdy, Solid ram buddy! I love how beat up he is. Solo sheep hunt, that’s not something you read about everyday, you’re a stud!
  17. Timber Stalker

    How did everyone's hunt go this year is it what you expected and are you going to change your plans for next year?

    Actually this year was better than I expected. No one in the family drew any special tags so we all did OTC hunting here in Or. We archery hunted elk and rifle hunted Blacktail deer, both on the west side of the state. Neither hunts are remotely high success rates but I’ve spent toms of time...
  18. Timber Stalker

    4 wheel drive projects

    I picked up a new project yesterday. I’m sure my cousin will take it from me as he is a ford guy and I’m a Chevy guy. Either way either him or I will fix er up. I always like at the late 60’s early 70’s fords.
  19. Timber Stalker

    New Boat

    Very nice!