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    Cackler smackdown!

    Sorry guys I haven't been on for a while been busy. The little geese decided to play with us today,so I figured I would post a couple pictures.
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    Worrying about Dad!

    When I came home from having foot surgery my girl didn't want to leave me most of the day. Funny how they know when something isn't right.
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    Goose is for dinner!

    Pan seared cackler breast with a pomegranate reduction.
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    Last for the season

    Not a big finish to the season that we hoped for, but got to play with one of my favorite birds specks. These worked in close to calling.
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    Little guys and extra.

    We had a fun day out hunting with family and great friends.
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    Finally a good day in the field.

    It's been a very poor year out hunting this year. Today I got to take my oldest and my cousin out for a good Honkers hunt. We started the day lost in the fog, but as the fog lifted we started getting pair and singles to come in. The DSD decoys and some good calling were to much for them to resist.
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    Sun shades

    who runs one on their scopes out hunting does it help and is it worth it.
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    has anyone dealt with exercise induced collapse with their lab. Our 2yrear old has shown some signs of it or heat stress.
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    Dog's just want to have fun!

    To hot to train,but always time to have some cool fun. Just look she's so good she even walks on water.😊
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    Browning A5

    Does anyone shoother the new Browning A5 shotgun. Been looking at them and love the look and fit of them. Was wondering how other hunters like or dislike their A5.
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    First little guy hunt

    Going on our first little guy hunt of the year. Birds just show up ,so hopefully we can talk them into given it up.
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    What's everyone using this year on their lanyard? I run several different calls. When duck hunting RNT Daisy Cutter , refuge hybrid, Haydall 6 in 1 whistle. For geese I run a Bill Saunders Heavy, Bill Sauer I5 killer, Rnt Barbelly, Bill Saunders B.C. Minima for west coast squeakers.
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    has anyone used the Sinno Photo professional packable tripod. It looks like a good copy of Gitzo.
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    muzzle loaders

    with all the different regs for the states out there what do you guys do. I'm new to muzzy hunting wanting to get my first riffle this year, but having a hard time figuring what I need and can't have on it. the states that I think I will be hunt are CO, Id, NM, UT in the future.
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    rim fire

    heard that the forest service opened up road in the area today. don't know if its true though.
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    I'm looking for a tripod for my 65mm spotter and need some advice on them. I want one that will be packable for high country, and wouldn't break the bank. The bass pro in my area has a few vanguards and vortex's on the shelf to look at. Like to keep it under 150 bucks. thanks for the advice guys.
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    pentax spotters

    does anyone have any experence with the pentax pf 80 ed spotter. Love to hear pro and cons of this spotter.
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    back packing spotter

    I'm looking for a good spotter for hunting that isn"t to heavy. Like to keep the price under 1500 if possible, but weight and quality are the most important.
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    new bow

    I'm think about a new bow and I've narrowed down to an Elite Anwser. I'm wondering if any one shoots one with the speed cam on there bow. the one I tried had the smooth mod on it. Really wondering the difference of fill and shot.
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    noissy broadhead

    I trying out some reapers this year for deer season. they fly great, but diffently make alot of noise in flight. Anyone else noticed this?