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    When do you normally give up on an area?

    Not seeing elk or decent bulls for multiple days? Wind won't stop? Too few elk? Too many people? What will run you out of an elk camp to try and find greener pastures?
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    Guess you're stuck with me!

    Well folks, looks like I'm a permanent CO resident now. Just bought a place in the mountains northwest of Cañon City, unit 58. Unfortunately, all my knowledge and scouting have been much further north, haha. Any direction would be appreciated, even "don't waste your time going..." kind of stuff...
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    Boyhood hunts relived

    So here's the deal. My dad and his father used to hunt near Meeker in Piance (sp?) creek area. I've finally convinced him to come out and hunt it again with my boy and me. Now my problem. I know nothing of the area, and am looking for all the help I can get. Haha. I'm going to be making a few...
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    Anyone else getting pumped for ISE?

    I know it's just an expo, but I look forward to it every year. It's in Denver Jan. 15-18.
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    NV guys, what are the elk doing?

    Well here's what the elk are doing! Getting taken down with a RMEF raffle .30-06. Check out the pics! Hey fellas, I'm heading home over Christmas to help my Lil sis and Dad fill their cow tags. What has the weather been doing to the elk herds? The more central the better. They have area 16...
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    New guy

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this whole thing. Look forward to meeting and talking with the folks on here. I'm a DIY, public land guy. I'll chase anything I can get a tag for. Haha. Originally from NV now in CO for the past 4 seasons.