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    Lion recipe

    Got a lion in idaho this past spring during my bear hunt. Kept every bit of meat. Made some breakfast sausage that was great. Ive made chicken fry, and steaks out of it. Wondering if anyone has any other recipes they were willing to share. Thanks
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    Nebraska cow elk

    Pretty excited, drew a nebraska cow elk tag for the hat creek unit up by chadron. Was wondering if anyone has any contact info for ranchers up that way that allow cow elk hunters or has had success in the past. Permit is good from nov 1st to jan 31st. Thanks, really excited just very limited...
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    Dog issue

    I posted here earlier i was getting a new hunting dog. I was looking at some smaller breeds but some thing changed and i got a lab. He is currently 3 months old. The issue is, he pees and craps the kennel everyday im at work (8hrs) and every night sleep (6hrs). Ive tried small kennels and he...
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    Duck dog

    Looking at another duck dog. Currently have an 8 year old english cocker. He is a great dog, and does real good with bringing back ducks and geese. My only issue with him is i wish he was a little bigger and a faster swimmer. He swims the same speed as a mallard, which is not good if the cripple...
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    Arrow rest

    Ive always used a quad in the past. Looking at the limb driven vapor trails currently. Any hunting experience with tm from anyone? Does the cord going to the limb get caught on stuff? Thanks
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    2nd draw

    Anyone know when results will be available
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    Elk gurus, teach me......

    So my question is about elk above tree line. When elk are inhabiting the areas above treeline where are they bedding. Do they bed above treeline, are they coming up from the pines below, or do they bed in the transition areas of sparse pines. Do you find elk bedding up at 13000 ft? Seems...
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    Bear bait

    Anyone ever use cat food for bear bait. If so did you have success.
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    Closure question

    Wondering if the forest service is shutting down roads in national forest roads in the forest because of the virus. Has there been any discussion about it. I know campgrounds are closed.
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    colorado elk

    I should draw a muzzleloader tag for elk for the units 17 and 161 or at least those are the units I'm focusing on. I'm having a hard time deciding which unit to choose. Looking at harvest reports unit 17 has really low harvest stats and very few bulls being harvested during the muzzy season...
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    calf distress

    Heading to Colorado this year with a friend to hopefully get our first elk. Mainly going to fill the freezer and we should have a couple muzzy tags. We will shoot a cow no doubt if given the opportunity. I would imagine there is certain Calling that brings in cows, but was wondering if anyone...
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    beetle kill areas

    I'm hopefully going to draw a unit 6 muzzy tag for elk which will allow me to hunt the area around Walden. I was looking up by the Wyoming border area or south around the Arapaho ridge area. I know there is a great deal of beetle kill along the border and into the wilderness area, but was...
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    colorado muzzy

    So I struck out in Wyoming, and am now looking at Colorado. I've got 3 points in Colorado and could probably draw a muzzy hunt. I see the muzzy hunts are in mid September which I would think is prime time. So my question is, why are the success rates so low in most of the units. I find a...
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    Any bears

    Any of you Idaho bear hunters get your bear yet. Heading to the panhandle in a month to hunt for 10 days. Any hitting the baits?
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    Traditional archers

    Currently a 50lb bama longbow is my traditional setup. I also have a 60lb montana longbow. The arrows I shoot are laminated birch arrows I made with 160 grain two blade broadheads. I have killed a whitetail doe with it my first year, and a spot and stalk turkey from 2 yards. The thing I do...
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    Snow pac

    Hows the snow pac up around the lolo pass area. Is it average??
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    Bear Bait stands/blinds

    How far do all you bear baiters set up from the bait. Last year we would have bears on trail cam for a couple days then hunt and we wouldn't see nothing that evening. I am assuming they were coming in from behind us. We were sitting 20 yards down wind of the bait. We talked to one guy that...
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    Bear callers

    I've spent the last couple springs in Idaho baiting bears. Made lots of mistakes, but learned lots. Heading up there again this year to bait, but I have been interested in calling in a bear. I got an E caller that would work, but my question is has anyone had results blind calling or do you...
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    Hey Scent Freaks

    Does anyone actually get "scent free?" The last two whitetail deer seasons (archery) I decided I am going to take every scent precaution to make myself scent free. Before every hunt I shower, use scent free deodorant, wash all my clothes in the recommended scent free laundry detergent, hang on...
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    Bear Glands

    Anyone use sow in heat, bear urine, or something of the similar at their baiting stations during the bear rut. Was thinking about giving it a try. I will be hunting the first week of June which is the rut where I will be at. I do a lot of trapping coyotes and other fur bearers and know how...