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  1. Colorado T

    Kenai Peninsula Fishing

    Heading to Alaska June 15th with the family. Will drive down from Anchorage to Homer for a few days then to Seward for a few more days. I have been up hunting a few times but this is the first time with the family and is mostly a site seeing trip. I do have a day charter for halibut and salmon...
  2. Colorado T

    Antelope Unit 80

    Applied in this unit with a buddy who knows it. We did not draw and he has since moved and won't be available to hunt. I just got an email from P&W that one was turned in and I am next in line. No time to really scout since I made other plans and wondering if its worth the risk. Anyone with...
  3. Colorado T

    Elk Rack Stolen in Colorado

    This makes me sick! I will never understand what makes someone take something they did not work for or earn!
  4. Colorado T

    Colorado Elk Success

    Just wanted to thank those that helped with information on my hunt this year. The hunt was one of my favorites, had a great time with my dad, cousin and friend. I could not have done it without them, the pack out was straight up hill out of the canyon. The rut was unbelievable with elk going...
  5. Colorado T

    Leftover License Sale Suspended

    They have suspended the sale of leftover licenses indefinitely because the system crashed. Lady on the phone said to try calling back later today. I know someone who was 2nd in line at the office and the 1st guy got his tags when the system crashed.
  6. Colorado T

    Success and Thank you!!

    My dad and I had a successful hunt. We didn't kill the monsters we were hoping for but we looked at a lot of bucks and ended up with the two biggest bucks we saw. This is my biggest buck to date and we had a great time together. I want to thank Umpqua Hunter, Packmule and Colorado V for some...
  7. Colorado T

    First Archery Kill

    My son's first archery kill, I have never seen him so excited!!
  8. Colorado T

    Remington Recall

    Saw this on the MSN homepage today. Have 3 model 700's myself.
  9. Colorado T

    My Boys Were Successful

    Thought I would post pictures from our annual loper hunt in Wyoming, they both killed their antelope on opening day. I was really proud of both for making one shot kills around 200 yards each.
  10. Colorado T

    Giving Hunters a bad name?!?

    Thought I would post another article I just read in our local news. The moose hunt was deemed legal but it leads me to wonder, is it good for hunters in the long run? Granted this took place near Boulder, the worst possible place for hunters, but there are numerous other places along the front...
  11. Colorado T

    Be safe guys!!

    Saw this on our local news channel, sad way to end a hunt of a lifetime!! BE CAREFUL GUYS!! Hoping everyone has a safe season and returns home to their families with lots of memories!!
  12. Colorado T

    Youth Hunting Arrow

    My son is 14 and his draw weight is around 45 pounds. Just wondering what arrows some of you are using for your younger hunting partners? Don't want to spend a ton as I know he'll grow between now and next year and will probably need to get new ones again.
  13. Colorado T

    GPS Hunt Maps HELP!!

    Maybe I am doing something wrong but I am having trouble with the Micro SD hunt chip on my hand held. I have a Garmin Oregon 550t and when I insert the micro SD card for HUNT CO it is not showing up in the unit. I can view the map on my computer but not the GPS. I have gone into the settings and...
  14. Colorado T

    Deadline Upon Us

    With the deadline upon us tomorrow, now the waiting begins. With that, what tag are you hoping for the most? I have enough points to draw some good tags with a little luck, i.e. Mt goat, bighorn sheep, unit 2 elk and moose. Really hoping to draw either the elk or moose tag, decided to apply...
  15. Colorado T

    Just Finished Sons First Antelope

    Just finished my sons first antelope. Took a little longer than I hoped but work kept me from getting it done sooner. He helped a lot with it and it turned out pretty good, he is really excited to get it on the wall. Thought I would share.
  16. Colorado T

    Utah Duck Hunting

    Haven't seen any new threads on the Utah page for a while. I'm out here working and travel back to Colorado every other weekend. Was looking to do some duck hunting in my free time (Now that the big game seasons are over for me) and was wondering if anyone might know of a decent guide in the...
  17. Colorado T

    1st Mule Deer

    Thought I would post a pic of my sons first mule deer. Not the biggest buck but one he was sure thrilled with. We hunted and hiked hard and saw a bigger buck but couldn't close the deal. Was very proud of how hard he hunted and far he hiked. He stayed up late with me skinning it in a snow...
  18. Colorado T

    What would you do with 16 Elk points?

    Now that my hunting season is over I'm already thinking about next year. I have built up 16 points for elk and am a little frustrated with what I'm hearing. Looking for input on what you guys would do. Ive been hearing that 2 and 201 are on the down side lately but still require 18 to 20 points...
  19. Colorado T

    Ranching for Wildlife

    I am finally getting enough points to be seriously looking at applying for a ranching for wildlife unit. I have been looking at the Trinchera Ranch and have even tried contacting them but am waiting for a return call. Am wondering if anyone has any experience with this ranch? I maybe chasing the...
  20. Colorado T

    Wyoming Youth

    I have conflicting reports about Youth hunting in Wyoming. I have hunted antelope the last couple years with my son but starting this year I will have another son hunting with us. I plan on getting my points and just spending my time trying to get them antelope. EverythingI have read in the...