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  1. Shane13

    Palo duro canyon aoudad

    I grew up 25 miles south of there. The canyon is rough country. Aoudad like the roughest and steepest areas best. But they also like to hit a wheat field on top. If you can pick a pasture to hunt that is adjacent to a neighboring wheat field, that could be a good spot. They'll be in areas...
  2. Shane13

    Supposedly Illinois New Bow State Record

    What a great buck! Congrats to the hunter!
  3. Shane13

    Who else is...

    Laying tile is a beating. I hope you had knee pads. We did a MtnTough Minimum Gear Daily workout today.
  4. Shane13

    Who else is...

    We're doing the Minimum Gear Daily workouts lately on MtnTough. Today was a LOT of various lunges w/kettlebells, burpees, pushups, pullups....
  5. Shane13

    75 years old on hospice and got it done

    Wow! That is just fantastic!
  6. Shane13

    Who else is...

    There are only 11 more months until September. Gotta keep plugging!
  7. Shane13

    prhunter 2022 AZ elk

    Great bull! Congratuations!
  8. Shane13

    Who else is...

    I've taken the last couple days off after getting home from our elk hunt last week. I'll say that we were not limited at all in what we could do on our hunt. Our preparation and conditioning all summer was spot on. We covered 4-10 miles/day with 30# packs up and down hills with no problems at...
  9. Shane13

    Colorado Elk Hunt 2022

    Zach and I had a great hunt in southern Colorado last week. My main goal was to get him on his first bull elk. This was his 2nd time hunting elk. He had a cow tag in NM last year and filled it. This year he had a bull tag in CO, and he filled that one too. We hunted 1,800 acres of private...
  10. Shane13

    Getting Close

    Yep. We're pulling out of town early Friday morning for southern Colorado. Gonna be tough to concentrate on work this week. :D Good luck on your hunt!
  11. Shane13

    Who else is...

    I don't usually plug stuff, but I'm gonna plug MtnTough+. These folks are putting out the best fitness stuff I've seen, and I've seen a lot. Their app subscription service is worth every last penny to me. They are lots of workout routines that you can choose from (adding more all the time)...
  12. Shane13

    Who else is...

    Lots of loaded lunges and stepups yesterday in a Heavy Pack 2.0 workout. Today was full body strength training. Started with some mobility work to warm up. Then ass to grass lunges, rack pulls 5x5 - 325#, bench, pullups.... Tomorrow will be Knees Over Toes stuff as a flush day. Friday will...
  13. Shane13

    Taking off in the morning... (2022 AZ Elk hunt)

    Awesome. Good luck! What unit?
  14. Shane13

    Who else is...

    Dang it, Scott! No injuries right before hunting season, brother!
  15. Shane13

    Who else is...

    Running makes my knees hurt too. I bought an Echo bike, and I stand up as I pedal on that. The arm action combined with standing pedaling is pretty similar to running without the impact. Doesn't hurt my knees at all.
  16. Shane13

    Parks and Wildlife Commission License Distribution Workshop

    I pay money to lease private land to hunt in my home state. It would be nice to have a chance to hunt for free - even once every two or three years. I know you guys that have grown accustomed to hunting for free every year are upset when those opportunities begin to get harder to come by. But...
  17. Shane13

    Who else is...

    This morning's workout was a good one, apparently. :D
  18. Shane13


    I will carry an elk butt decoy with me next month for an archery hunt. No way I'd carry one around during a general season though, no matter how good they work.
  19. Shane13

    It's a GREAT day in Texas!

    Liz isn't too popular in Texas either. Her expected loss was another reason it was a good day.
  20. Shane13

    It's a GREAT day in Texas!

    There's cooler (less hot) temps and almost daily rain chances in our extended forecast - two things we haven't seen in a long time. And the Texas Rangers fired Jon Daniels today. LOOOOOONG overdue firing. OK, carry on...... We're just happy around here. :D