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  1. Shane13

    Colorado Elk Hunt 2022

    Zach and I had a great hunt in southern Colorado last week. My main goal was to get him on his first bull elk. This was his 2nd time hunting elk. He had a cow tag in NM last year and filled it. This year he had a bull tag in CO, and he filled that one too. We hunted 1,800 acres of private...
  2. Shane13

    It's a GREAT day in Texas!

    There's cooler (less hot) temps and almost daily rain chances in our extended forecast - two things we haven't seen in a long time. And the Texas Rangers fired Jon Daniels today. LOOOOOONG overdue firing. OK, carry on...... We're just happy around here. :D
  3. Shane13

    What pistol?

    What pistol do you carry in black bear/mountain lion country? And what holster do you like while backpacking?
  4. Shane13

    Mini Elk

    Sika are cool little critters. They're like miniature elk. They're cousins to elk and red deer. They are free ranging in parts of the Texas Hill Country (along with axis, fallow, blackbuck, aoudad, mouflon, and some other exotics). We have a decent herd of sika on the ranch we hunt. We're...
  5. Shane13

    Vortex Razor HD Gen II 3-18x50mm

    I decided to sell this scope. I lost my mule deer lease that I bought it for, and I'm just not using it. It's been mounted and shot enough to get it sighted in and to kill one axis doe. Other than that, it's just been sitting in the safe. I haven't taken it off the rifle yet. I'd imagine...
  6. Shane13

    How's the snow? Winter kill?

    How is the winter going in NE Utah - Southslope, Yellowstone area?
  7. Shane13

    Advice on elk hunt for 2017 with my dad

    I hope my question won't get me banned from this forum. :D I know this is the DIY public land hunt capital of the world. But I am wanting to take my dad on an elk hunt next year. He'll be 71 next year. He has had several health issues the last few years, so he isn't up to packing in on a...
  8. Shane13

    Almost time!

    I know lots of y'all have already started, but I'm still chomping at the bit waiting for opening day here. October 3rd is opening day of archery season in Texas. I'll be glassing the Canadian River breaks for mule deer and/or a stray whitetail. My neck is starting to swell already. :D We'll...
  9. Shane13

    Springtime in Texas

    We made a quick road trip through Central Texas the other day to see some wildflowers. Rains have been good this year, so the flowers are happy.
  10. Shane13

    Vortex Razor HD Camera Adapter for Spotting Scope

    I bought these a while back when I was planning to buy a Vortex Razor HD spotting scope. I ended up buying a different spotter, and this setup won't fit that one. These are still brand new. First is the Razor HD Digital Camera Adapter set. This allows you to attach your DSLR to the...
  11. Shane13

    Texas Mule Deer

    Anybody else gonna be hunting muleys in Texas this fall? I grew up hunting in the canyons of the Panhandle, but I haven't hunted mule deer for several years now. I fell into an opportunity to hunt about 10,000 acres in the Canadian River breaks this year, so I am pumped. We hunted archery...
  12. Shane13

    Got my desert bighorn mount

    My taxidermist, Jerry Huffaker, delivered my sheep mount to me a couple days ago, now that all the taxidermy shows are finished. This was Jerry's competition piece this year, and he did VERY well at the shows. Jerry is an amazing artist. I told him I wanted a pedestal mount, but I didn't want...
  13. Shane13

    Reloaders, what is your favorite magnum caliber powder?

    I just bought a 7mm RUM, and I need to get some ammo loaded up. I've had great luck with H1000 in 7mm Wby Mag, but I've heard good reports about 7828 and RETUMBO in the 7mm RUM as well. I'll probably start with 160gr AccuBonds. Any suggestions?
  14. Shane13

    Suggestions for hot weather hiking boots for a sheep hunt

    I need some new boots for an upcoming desert bighorn hunt. Recommendations?
  15. Shane13

    Suggestions for a hot weather rifle hunt pack

    I drew the desert bighorn tag in Texas a few days ago. Now that I'm able to think about it without fainting again, I'm starting to get geared up. My hunt will either be in March/April or July, and it will be in the desert mountains of the Big Bend area of Southwest Texas along the Rio Grande...