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  1. bowrunner

    Sig Sauer Kilo 2000

    Cabelas just had these on sale for black Friday. I had purchased a vortex ranger 1300, but the display on it wasn't all that bright for daytime use and I struggled to range trees at much of a distance so I went and returned it. I am going to test out this sig kilo 2000 this weekend, but so far...
  2. bowrunner

    Wyoming General Elk Archery

    Hey guys. I am finalizing my plans with my dad for the fall. This is my first trip to Wyoming and I am wondering if anyone who is familiar with the units 83 and 68 wouldn't mind hearing my plan and giving me some honest feedback and oppinions. Even if you arnt familiar with those areas...
  3. bowrunner

    Go Hunt Initial Review

    I just decided to do the 30 day trial of Go Hunt to see what its all about. I could give a pretty elaborate review, but in short I don't think it is for me. I think if someone wanted to go on several hunts each year, and could afford it, it would be beneficial. That person would need to...
  4. bowrunner

    Forest Fire/Burn Maps

    Anybody know where to find information on recent forest fires in an area? I am specifically looking at the Bridger-Teton National Forest.
  5. bowrunner

    General Season Bowhunt

    Hey guys. I have hunted Colorado over the counter several times with my dad, and I will be again this fall. In 2019, my dad and I are going to head to Wyoming. We each will have 3 points so we should have no problem drawing General tags. Our plan is to have one of us draw in 2019 and the...
  6. bowrunner

    Two Black Gold Sights Ascent and Backdraft

    I have two Black Gold sights. Black Gold Ascent 5 pin basically new, without ever putting on a sight tape $145 obo Black Gold Backdraft 5 pin, also very good condition $110 obo I decided to go with a single pin Ascent, so I do not need these. You will not be disappointed with either of those.
  7. bowrunner

    Prime Bows/Other New Bows

    I shot the Prime Centergy over the weekend... I have had a Mathews Drenalin since 2007, and have been trying recently to find a bow that was as smooth as my old Drenalin. I bought a Mathews NO-CAM htr used a year ago and shot it for a while, but still liked my Drenalin better so I sold it. I am...
  8. bowrunner


    I just bought a pair of outdoor research low gaiters, but havnt used them yet. These to be specific. If they are no good, I can easily take them back. Ive never used gaiters before and I was just wondering if...
  9. bowrunner

    Salomon Quest 4d GTX Boots Great Deal

    Here is a pair of boots I just picked up the other day. They are $230 at REI and you can find them around $200 or a little less at different stores, but for $127 depending on the size its a good deal...
  10. bowrunner

    Elk Pref. Point Question/ Ideas

    Hey guys. My dad and I recently jumped into the Wyoming preference point game this past year, giving each of us 1 point for elk. I have hunted Colorado in the past, but never Wyoming. In Colorado, you can build preference points and still hunt every year with their OTC Archery tags. I know...
  11. bowrunner

    Mathews NO CAM HTR 70lb 29in draw All accessories

    Mathews NO CAM HTR 70lb 29 in draw but I have the 28 in mods also, 85% let off. Trophy ridge React Sight, QAD Mdx Mathews rest, Ktech string dampener, Mathews 3-arrow quiver, sims stabilizer, wrist strap. Fantastic bow, I just do not need two bows and am paying for a wedding this summer. The...
  12. bowrunner

    Easton Axis with 50 gr brass inserts

    I have been contemplating shooting an arrow with a higher front of center after reading the benefits on it quite a bit. I shoot a 70lb bow with a 28.5in draw and have shot a 28 in arrow and a 100 grain head in the past. I bought a dozen Easton axis 300 shafts. I am wondering if anyone on here...
  13. bowrunner

    Hiking 14ers in 2 weeks

    Hey all, I have a couple days off work Aug 4 and 5 and my original plans got canceled. I am planning on doing a quick trip out to Colorado to do some hiking and have some fun with my girlfriend. I have been looking at hikes to the tops of a few 14ers and wanted to know if anyone has any...
  14. bowrunner

    Arrow Fletching, Fletching jigs, Helical and offsets

    I have done some minor arrow fletching before, but mostly had it done at a pro shop. Now, I bought some shafts and want to fletch my own. Previously, I had the pro shop put a slight offset to my blazer vanes and they were fine. I had also never shot my fixed broadheads past 30 yards or so. I...
  15. bowrunner

    Moose hunt someday!

    I am asking for some advice on planning a moose hunt in the distant future. I would like to go on a moose hunt in 5-10 years, but I have not built any preference points in any state yet. I know that Colorado has a deadline coming up April 5. I am wondering if you guys think it is worth...
  16. bowrunner

    Heart Rate Training

    I have done a decent amount of exercising thus far. I workout daily, with a broad spectrum of exercises from lifting, running, swimming, and more recently, crossfit. In the near future I am thinking about doing a half-ironman in June. With that said, I am going into this small test in decent...
  17. bowrunner

    Broadhead Target

    Hey guys, I am retiring my block target that I used to check my broadheads before hunting each year for a while now, as it is pretty much destroyed. I have looked at the Rinehart 18-1 and Cabelas has a target that is made by rinehart called the Cabelas Elite Stop Target that I am looking at...
  18. bowrunner

    New Member - Illinois

    Hey guys, I am a new member and I am excited to get involved in the forum. I have looked around the forum for a while now and decided to finally make a user name. I have been archery elk hunting twice and had a great time, but did not harvest an elk. I bowhunt deer in my home state of...