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  1. sticknbiggens

    Wolves attack pet dog

    Anyone see the article on the front page of the Jackson Hole Daily. Guess we didn't see that coming, next time it'll be a kid or granola-eater out in their driveway washing their Subaru. "Suburban Wolves" that's classic.
  2. sticknbiggens

    Dreaming of the bears

    found some more..
  3. sticknbiggens

    Dreaming of the bears

    here's two for ya.
  4. sticknbiggens

    shed hunting :)

    c'mon may 1st!! seems our winter is starting late again this year:rolleyes: Maybe this picture will help hold us over till spring time. winter kill find from last year...
  5. sticknbiggens

    Wyoming up high

    just looking around
  6. sticknbiggens

    Moon phase and the rut

    Do you plan your bow hunts around the moon phase? Do you think it is better hunting on a full moon or a new moon or does it make a difference? I prefer the new moon to hunt. Seems like I've seen much more daytime (early morning/late afternoon)movement during the five days before & the five days...
  7. sticknbiggens

    300 Win Mag handloading

    Anyone care to share some load data. Been looking for a good elk and deer load. thanks.
  8. sticknbiggens

    spotting scope covers

    I'm looking for a spotting scope cover/sleeve for a Bausch & Lomb scope. Does anyone make covers like these for spotting scopes other than for a Leica or Swarovski? There's gotta be a market for this..right?
  9. sticknbiggens

    hunting wallows

    Figured this would be a useful topic to get started in here. Dose anybody have tips or tricks to take a bull around a wallow. What makes a good wallow? What do you guys look for? I must say I don't donate a bunch of time to hunting them, but they do have their place. After I find a active wallow...