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    Garmin headsets

    Anyone have any experience of headsets for the Garmin two-way radios/gps systems? We have the Rino 530HcX, but find the PTT button random unless pressed on precisely the sweet spot, and even then it causes intermittent buzzing even a short distance with clear line of sight. Was wondering if...
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    Doe down!

    My blacktail doe shot this weekend at 40yds in the Mill Creek unit - about 110lbs. Freezer's looking good again this year!
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    Oregon Minam Unit Muley Down 2011!

    Our second consecutive successful season in the Oregon Minam Unit, this time getting myself a nice little 4-point. Conditions were tough, from one extreme to another, starting opening day at 85F and by three days later sub-freezing with snow and howling winds up on Bear Wallow. I got this buck...
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    Packs for

    Considering a new backpack specifically designed for women. So far I am looking at this or this and am interested in anyone lady hunters' reviews of...
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    Scope for an Ultra Mag?

    So my husband just totally spoiled me for my upcoming birthday and bought me the Remington 300 Ultra Mag I have been wanting. It came with a relatively standard 30-06 capacity scope so I want to upgrade to something for long distance - mostly for bear hunting, but also would use it for the long...