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  1. CODAK

    Harvest Data Posted

    Harvest Data from 2020 is posted for most species.... as always take with a grain of salt but they are there
  2. CODAK

    Savage Ultralite 110 with Proof Barrel

    Any one shoot one of these? Thought and review? Thanks
  3. CODAK

    Draw Stats Posted

    For those number punchers.. elk deer antelope etc stats posted on DOW site for 2020
  4. CODAK

    2020 Sheep and Goat results

    Cards are hit, check those CC's !
  5. CODAK

    Browning A Bolt .300 WSM

    Got a hand down rifle and looking into bullet selection for this gun. Any one have any recommendations for factory? Looking at 200gr ELDX or 190gr accubond LR. Primary use will be elk and so long pokes may be needed Thanks
  6. CODAK

    MT results are in

    Looks like I drew my MT permit. Pretty stoked. Any one else have luck? Results are out early
  7. CODAK

    First archery goat in CO

    Nothing like a little perseverance and hard work to get this rare big goat in CO. 50 yards, spot and stalk, and of course the usual DIY public land as always. Rough measurements put him just shy of 80" and near 16.5" tall
  8. CODAK

    KS NR Draw Results

    Looks like they posted results for draw early. I'm back in chasing whitetails this year. Anyone else draw?
  9. CODAK

    Missouri Break Archery Elk

    All: I wanted to get some hands on info from anyone who is familiar with recent info from these areas. I have enough points to draw any of the archery only tags and wanted to get some opinions. Not dead set on these areas yet as I have other options, but could be a fun hunt. PM me and I can...
  10. CODAK

    Kuiu Axis Hybrid

    Anybody have this yet? Looking for anyone's take on it. I've been planning on getting the Sitka Jetstream until this came out, look pretty intriguing CODAK
  11. CODAK

    Why OTC hunting has ruined CO

    Plenty of opinions on this one... let's get the debate rolling I'll start with my say: FACTS: OTC hunting success and elk numbers in CO has decreased over the past 15 years, some areas very significantly. For all you locals or yearly returners, we know this first hand I have seen more late...
  12. CODAK

    Late Season bull

    Well, we got it done on a decent public land bull last Thursday. I say that because I decide to "settle" with this guy and some things weren't going our way and decided to take the opportunity. Opening day we saw 29 bulls and I missed a 360" bull I had watched for 3 years. Heartbreaking to say...
  13. CODAK

    Best Day Bowhunting Pack

    Looking to upgrade for next season as mine (finally) needs replacement. What?s everyone?s favorite and why? I don?t need a big pack, just big enough for day trips out of spike camp. Bow, food, water, and the little things. Strong enough to Pack some weight for first load of a harvest. Thanks all
  14. CODAK

    Trail Cam pics 2018

    Headed up in the morning to do the first check on one of the cams in a sweet location. I will post pics tmrw, but post some up of your bulls so far this year!!
  15. CODAK

    2018 Youth Hunter

    Looking to take out a youth hunter this fall if/when my schedule allows that we could line up. Let me know or PM me with what hunts you have and what your plans are and I will do everything I can to help make a successful hunt in the areas I know. Only thing I ask is that you are truthful with...
  16. CODAK

    Hunting Plans Changing??

    Anyone debating changing up their plans due to fires/drought??
  17. CODAK

    LED Lantern

    Looking to replace the old mantle Coleman lantern in the wall tent but skeptical of what to replace it with. Anyone had any luck and suggestions for LED?
  18. CODAK

    Elk and Deer July Status

    How's everyone's growth looking so far in your regions? Despite the drought in most areas, if not all, antler growth seems to be pretty darn good. What's everyone else seeing?
  19. CODAK

    2018 Statistics Cheat

    If anyone is interested in learning how or why they didn?t draw deer looks like you are able to get the new stats by just selecting the PDF on the normal draw results (2017) link, then in the hyperlink change the 7 in 2017 to 8 (to be 2018), hope this is helpful... CODAK
  20. CODAK

    When do you begin scouting?

    Out of curiosity, when do you start scouting? We?ll just stick with Elk and deer A. 1-5 years before drawing the tag B. Once you draw the tag (early summer into fall) C. Week before the season D. Day before season opens E. Just hope to get lucky F. Other I?ll let this go for awhile then put in...