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    Palo duro canyon aoudad

    After 14 years of applying I was shocked to get a successful email notification from texas parks and wildlife the hunt is in a few weeks and I was wondering if any had experience with these sheep or had hunted this particular hunt in the past any info would be great as I have no...
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    Colorado Elk - And so it begins.

    I’m here but I’ve only seen 3 cows. 5 bears tho. 3 on private and two this eve that I ran outa light on the stalk. Haven’t heard a bugle or laid eyes on a bull. Got a good feeling it may be a bears last night on the Colorado plateau.
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    Otc archery

    Thanks bama. I’m goin thru good land ks on my way to palisade Colorado. Got a late start.
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    Otc archery

    Do u have to purchase otc archery tags before the opener in the am. I’m headed out to hunt bear with a tag but wasn’t gona get elk tag before scouting. Thanks
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    Your Best Buck!!!!

    Best one I’ve held… Since width seems to be the theme. I’ll add a whitey...
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    NM 58 antelope

    Camping is very limited in the unit. There are a few options on the Kiowa ng but if u need a hotel then u should stay at the holiday motel on the nw edge of Clayton. Great hometown folks run it and u will be greeted by a towel elephant on ur bed. Only drawback is in the case ur hunting the...
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    Badlands algus pants

    Right on whaitetail smarts and sooner stupidity. I have all but quit watching them and barely follow them. This is hard for me to say but the free agent recruiting they do more than the Yankees started this and the begging for the already too many team sec conference to have them finished it...
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    NM 58 antelope

    I would concentrate on the area ne of Clayton on state land or the grasslands there. Rabbit ears Mt and the area south of Clayton lake state park has plenty as well. I wish I could draw now that it’s public land tag. U will have awesome hunt. Good luck.
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    What pistol?

    I carry whatever happens to be in the seat beside me. Glock 40 is the biggest I have right now. Glad to see most of u haven’t had issues with black bears but I have. The bears here in Oklahoma are like you describe. Scared and wary for the most part but I’ve had 2 experience with Colorado...
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    Badlands algus pants

    Bama boy! Good to hear from u. Didn’t draw anything at all short of my secondary draw 100% bear rifle tag in Colorado. What did u end up with? Oh all is well here and hope sweet home alabamy is still one place I can go to and still feel at home.
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    Badlands algus pants

    🖕 right here in this area!!
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    Muzzleloader pleads not guilty in fatal shooting of bow hunter

    I just don’t see it being an assault on archers rights to require an article of blaze orange to be worn. I never archery hunt Colorado without an orange cap. I never hunt née Mexico without an orange cap. Pretty sure the damn cap hasn’t cost me an opportunity at a critter. I will never...
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    Late Season Rifle Elk

    Applying with 6 points for late rifle elk. Maybe have a chance at a 20% success unit. Doubt it
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    Missing some forum friends

    I think it’s a great idea…
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    Governor's tags for antelope

    They freakin rock!!! 6.5 creed moor style!
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    Dolores County Colorado Hunting Accident

    If elk are colorblind what is the major hesitation to apply an orange cap or some sort of head covering? I hunt in states that require no orange and I always apply my fashionable odwc orange cap. I hate wearing that old seatbelt in my truck but I don’t see as many archery hunters complaining...
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    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Great week indeed!
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    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Congrats to u and ur son
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    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Colorado muzz bucks and a cinnamon.
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    Dolores County Colorado Hunting Accident

    This is really awful. We r just winding up our muzz hunt in Garfield county and the senseless rule of orange requirements and the chances of this happening were discussed in camp several times during the week.