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    Wyoming 2016 Antelope Hunt Report

    We slept in a couple hours the next morning to give the snow a chance to melt and the sun a chance to shine. My college buddy and I ventured back into the unit, making the usual pass to try and relocate Mr. Boon from Day 2 but to no avail. We ended up doing several several mile loops through...
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    Wyoming 2016 Antelope Hunt Report

    On Day 4, we lived on the edge by heading deeper into some good looking country even as the low-hanging clouds spit snow and sleet and the winds howled. Funny how the oppressive weather made the antelope a wee bit more approachable and by midday we located a nice buck feeding with some does...
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    Wyoming 2016 Antelope Hunt Report

    First off, every time I attack a new species or new area, I make it a point to contact as many "experienced" folks as possible. Eastmans is a great venue to make these digital connections and I deeply appreciate every returned PM as I got serious about cashing in a bunch of PPs late last...
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    Party Size and NR Quota Conflicts ? for WY

    I think I'm interpreting information correctly, but want to be doubly sure before putting my eggs in the application basket. Our party size for WY antelope is 5 with 3 PP/averaged. There is a 100% chance of not getting drawn as a 5 person party for a unit where the NR Special quota in years...
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    The Tax Day Giveaway!

    I'm guessing the Gerber bone saw would have been a little easier going to cap out a couple OTC archery bulls from last fall's hunt in Colorado. The "tie me to a tree" wire saw didn't quite have the gusto to hold up to abuse.
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    Post up your Pack in Packlist......

    38.9 pounds. 7 days of high country early elk season. That's me naked plus, water, weapon, boots, pack, etc. 3 items are split weight between me and my partner. It's not necessarily a luxury setup, but the minimalist approach works for us. I know some will say, where's...
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    What is your sleep and cook system?

    Stove: IKEA do-it-yourself wood stove (4 ounces) Shelter: GoLite Shangri-La 2 (27 ounces) Sleeping Bag: Montbell Super Spiral Hugger 3 UL (26 ounces) Sleeping Pad: Hyalite 2/3 Peak A/C (10 ounces)
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    Backpack Hunting Pictures!

    From this spring's NW Montana bear hunt...
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    2014 Bear Season

    Couple more pics from the trip. We deemed it a smashing success! Beautiful country with a great friend and tons of game seen.
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    2014 Bear Season

    Just returned yesterday MSUcat61! Due to a couple travel complexities, we only got in 8 days of hunting but saw 5 bears. All boars. Hunting higher, more rugged stuff I guess we weeded out a bunch of the sow/cubs??? At least that's my theory. 1 of those bears was a huge boar grizz which...
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    Nikon Archer's Choice Rangefinder

    Used, but in great condition. Perfect working order with good batteries included. Nikon retractable tether and neoprene case included as well. $160 tyd or best offer. Specs from Nikon's website... The new Nikon Archer’s Choice is truly the ultimate bowhunter’s rangefinder –...
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    Backpack Hunting Pictures!

    I'm loving this thread. It's got me itching for September...will add a few more later, but here's a couple to start with.
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    Camo clothing necessary for rifle hunting?

    One of 4 public land bulls to fall last September to non-camo "getups".
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    Slick trick or shuttle t-lock black ops???

    I've been shooting ST Mag's for 3 years now and have chalked up about 15 big game kills with them. Mostly whitetails out East, but there are a couple less elk in Colorado after me and a buddy used them on last year's hunt. Blew threw like butter on broadside elk. Stopped in off shoulder blade...
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    Water Treatment

    A huge +1 for the Sawyer filter. We adapted the filter and spliced it directly into a Platypus line for the most streamlined approach. Hmmm, elk wallow water...:)
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    4 for 4 in Colorado - OTC Archery Bulls

    I preface this post by saying I don't get paid for traffic directed to my blog (though if you're bored and want to just click on ads that will help pay the bills...), so don't play the "you're just trying to drum up traffic" card. The card I am playing is this...holy crap it took a ridiculously...