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    Wilderness Archery Elk

    A couple of friends ask for help finding a place to archery hunt elk. They will coyote out and one requirement was they didn’t want to see other hunters, at least not many. They wanted to avoid outfitters and horses. This planning has been a lot of fun for me. At age 78 and a bad ankle from...
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    Looking in Eastern Nebraska

    Is it possible for a nonresident to hunt deer in eastern Nebraska? Thinking of looking for a new place to hunt on public land. I have hunted western Nebraska since 2002. Looking for a shorter drive. Thanks for any help you might send my way
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    Archery elk

    Bringing two new hunters to Colorado next week for OTC archery elk. I won't be buying a tag but instead trying to help them. I thought just for the experience, I would take them into high country and coyote out at least one night. They will be in elk and I have pre scouted watching a total of...
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    Big Cinnamon Boar

    Since Swampokie is out of phone service I need to let him know about a bear being seen daily in daylight. He was seen yesterday just below where you are staying. Maybe you will see him
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    Easiest to use cow call

    Just thinking about two new guys hunting elk archery. What do you think is the easiest to use cow call?
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    Zero Points Deer Hunt

    Broken ankle is finally getting well enough to maybe hunt mule deer again. I don't have to do research or any of the things normal hunters have to do. I have no points. I will try to draw a ML in the unit I vacation in. I can walk from my cabin into limited population of trophy mule deer...
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    243 WSSM returning

    I hear the 243 WSSM will make a return this year. JJ Sutton, the Truth about 243 WSSM explains a lot about the demise and possible return of the round. I always believed a lot of the gun experts got it wrong. They were quick to point out its only a ten per cent increase over the long 243...
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    True cost for Nonresident

    If an elk tag cost , rounded up, $700. and the average success is 18%, the license cost alone would be 5.56 x 700 or $3892. per elk harvested. That much money will buy some really good long range camera equipment. There are lots more cost to go with it. Do you think you can beat the...
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    Finally a little scouting

    It has been a while since I could do any scouting/exploring. Looks like I will not get back to normal after breaking my leg in the Gila. That is going to make hunting very hard but I just had to get into the mountains. There was a tragic accidental shooting of a 7 year old who passed on the...
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    Putting my Little Gun back in service-

    Two or three years ago I borrowed the scope off my 243wssm for black powder in Arkansas, that proved to be a good choice. Since then, I tried to install it on my 22-250. The scope would not zero, we were using a torque screwdriver in inch pounds. I thought we might have it too tight, anyway...
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    Putting my Little Gun back in service-

    Two or three years ago I borrowed the scope off my 243wssm for black powder in Arkansas, that proved to be a good choice. Since then, I tried to install in on my 22-250. The scope would not zero, we were using a torque screwdriver in inch pounds. I thought we did have it too tight, anyway I...
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    Unit 16c report on Youth hunt

    Three generations went to the Gila for my grandsons hunt. We used the RV to tow the F-150 which had the Can Am in it. The New Mexico game warden did his part to satisfaction. We had the weather forecast and it was for a winter storm. We moved our camp spot up hill to get past some shaded...
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    Youth Hunt About to Happen

    It has been a long time since I have hunted elk in late December. This is for my grandson and it has not been easy to get dialed in and feel comfortable. Alabama has done his part to help (Merry Christmas Alabama). The local game warden where we will be hunting has been perfect with his part...
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    Which rifle would you choise

    We will be hunting 16c in New Mexico. I haven't been able to find out anything about the unit. New Mexico game warden won't answer or return my calls. A Colorado resident hunter I met in the Colorado archery season told me I would be hunting the flats at the end of December. I have no idea...
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    Kids with Bows

    Already a good season, the two youngest boys, 13 and 16 got their elk. Their uncle passed on a 5x5 at 20 yds with a goal of a 6x6. They are trying to fill 100% tags, three to go. DIY public land. Next hunt will be my grandson in late December unit 16c New Mexico and he will be trying for a...
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    New Mexico Youth Elk Hunt

    This time I need help. I think my grandson can get a youth tag for New Mexico oct 10-14 in units 16c, 16e 23 24 or 34. I am considering unit 34 but I have never been there and we will not have a chance to scout. Which unit would you think is our best choice? Thanks
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    Could not pull the trigger on the high cost of tags

    I was applying for antelope with 1 pp and cow elk with 4pp and mule deer no points. When the total at check out was $1212. I thought enough is enough so I never pulled the trigger. This don't mean I won't buy an archery elk tag for my home unit but I may not do that either. I wanted a cow tag...
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    Thanks Leupold

    Leupold sent me a new RX1200i TBR DNA. Just getting familiar with it and so far it is just dandy. I ranged a hay bale at 719yds and it was quick. I also have a VX7 riflescope that is a fine piece. Thanks Leupold
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    Zen Ray Warranty

    Is it just me? I sent my Zen Ray 10x43 binos in for repair over 60 days ago. Sept 8 an answer to an e-mail said they would be repaired the following week. I will need them for the upcoming gun season. Hard to recommend Zen Ray at this point. Something told me it would be like this so I...
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    Exploring North Central New Mexico and South Central Colorado

    A little pre-scouting in unit 81 Colorado and unit 52 in New Mexico at the end of the month. I will be looking for good bulls, good bucks, and big bear. Maybe get in some coyote hunting in Colorado. This is not a substitute for hunting but exploring is fun just the same. Maybe get some...