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  1. CODAK

    Colorado 4th Season Updates

    Was out all week a few days before the season and all season. Did not see a single hunter all season due to terrain where I went. Weather was wierd, bucks were spread out. Seemed like a 2nd season hunt. Multiple does groups of 12-20 with forkers. Never saw a 4 year old buck to harvest. Gladly...
  2. CODAK

    Your Best Buck!!!!

    Been fortunate thru the years. Typical buck at 196 and change, the 180" forkasaurus at 32" inside, and biggest archery whitetail around 160
  3. CODAK

    Your Best Bulls!!!

    My old man's elk I was able to scout and get him on a few years back that was mid 380's and my largest old busted up bull. Timber bulls are sure a fun challenge!
  4. CODAK

    Hammer Bullets?

    I loaded 117gr HH for the trusty .270 and sitting at 0.7" 3 shot groups. I didn't get a chance to do long range verification before my goat hunt so i stuck with the 150 AB LR that I have dialed into 600. They were easy to load and didn't seem to care about seating depth compared to other bullets...
  5. CODAK

    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Fun hunt with the crew and my boy’s first big game hunt. Unit 2/201 loper in CO. Best we could find
  6. CODAK

    Mandatory CWD testing

    Just take the glands, you dont need the full head. plenty of videos on it. I dont waste my energy packing out heads
  7. CODAK

    Preferred cartridge? Grip and grin pic added

    I’m going with my .270 Mark II m77 shooting 117g Hammer Hunters this season. 1/2” groups. If I were to to get a new loper rifle, I’d look into a 6mm ARC… ain’t no loper safe with that set up with 105 Berger’s !!
  8. CODAK

    Colorado area 82

    They'll be in the transition areas quakies to open areas pick a drainage and go. Nothing but uphill until you get one down. You can get a 160 buck in every unit in CO just have to go to the sanctuaries where they feel safe. Find the does, find the bucks. Easy as that
  9. CODAK

    Elk hunting arrows

    Use a fixed head. I shoot 550gr total weight and have never not gotten full pass thrus
  10. CODAK

    South Dakota Mule Deer hunt

    Numbers are way down on the public ground, but you can still find some here and there
  11. CODAK

    Speed Goats on the brain

    Archery from a few season back. Note the zero arrows left in the quiver. Couldn’t sit in a blind so went spot and stalk. Scored a 2/201 rifle buck tag off the hybrid draw with only 5 points, should be fun
  12. CODAK

    Trip to Anchorage help

    We fished with Scott Liska out of Seward and caught several in the 150 lb range halibuts and a lot of salmon/rock fish. We stayed in a VRBO in Seward. His number is 907 360 2375
  13. CODAK

    Harvest Data Posted

    Harvest Data from 2020 is posted for most species.... as always take with a grain of salt but they are there
  14. CODAK

    Hunting Wyoming Elk in 2021?

    Heading into the boonies? Should be a fun hunt
  15. CODAK

    Archery ELK, pre, rut, post??

    kill em before they have 20-40x the eyes with em ;)
  16. CODAK

    1st Elk hunt White River NaTional Forest.

    the unit number 444 is higher than the elk population in that unit
  17. CODAK

    Application Strategy

    This is my strategy as well. Put in for each and everything that meets my goals and odds are reachable
  18. CODAK

    Best States?

    NV gives out the most desert sheep tags
  19. CODAK


    Any WLR?
  20. CODAK

    Colorado Moose

    Congrats man hope all is well