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    So I watched a you tube video the other night.......

    So I watched a you tube video the other night and the hunter was in Wyoming. While standing on a ridge line he made mention in order to be able to shoot the game he was after the game animal needed to be on the other side of the creek. As that was the unit boundary to which his license was good...
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    Unit 100 spike elk hunt, any first hand experience?

    Hello All, I am considering apply for the unit 100 spike elk tag. I like this tag for a couple of reasons. 1). the season is mid Oct to the 1st of Dec and 2). a spike elk euro would look nice above the fireplace. I've never shot an elk nor had an elk tag. 5 points going into the draw. I...
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    Savage 110 Tactical 6.5 Creedmore I bought for my son and his first antelope hunt.

    My brother and I are taking our youngest sons (15 and 16) out to Wyoming this fall for their first antelope hunt (they have a 3.5 point average). The unit has been picked and applications submitted (barring a 2 point jump in points they should draw). For this occasion we also decided new rifles...
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    Disappointed in Bushnell

    So my Bushnell rangefinder is losing parts of the display. So I sent it in with their online form and got the rangefinder back just 6 days later with a note saying it was out of warranty and they don't repair rangefinders, Also in the letter Bushnell said I could call them about it. So I called...
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    Wyoming mule deer Unit 81 Blackhall Mt

    As many of you may remember my son did his first antelope hunt at the age of 12 in Wyoming and loved the experience. The next year we applied for an elk tag and tried that but came up empty. After a couple years away he now has 4 points for deer in Wyoming and he is wanting to go back and try...
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    2016 Nebraska rifle season whitetail buck for my 15 yr old son

    Sunday afternoon November 13th was a great day for for my son Kenny (15 yrs old) and I as this bruiser of a buck followed two does out of the timber of the family farm pasture 75 yards from where we were set up in a blind. Kenny's first shot was a broadside standing shot that I thought connected...
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    Advice on a muzzelloader cow hunt in Colorado

    My 15 yr old son drew a muzzy cow tag for GMU 14 / 214. Last season he had an archery elk tag for Wyoming and we geared up for hunting bulls. We were keying in on bugles (both chasing and calling at) and sitting at a wallow; generally looking for a bull. Now that my son has a cow tag I would...
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    In the past when have the Colorado draw results been posted?

    In the past when have the Colorado draw results been posted? I am hopeful the draw results will be made before the Wyoming deadline for Antelope and Deer (just in case my son doesn't draw a CO elk tag). Thanks in advance, Kevin.
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    Reasearching for next years youth elk hunt

    Hello Guys and Gals, As many of you know my 14 yr old son drew a nonresident elk tag in Wyoming this year. After 9 months of research and help from many forum members I took him to the Sierra Madres and Snowys for archery season. The trip we just took was an absolute success; We heard our...
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    This weeks "Montana Archery Elk" show

    Just watched the dvr'd "Montana Archery Elk" episode on Eastmans. Dan did a great job, lots of good tips. I would like to ask what make and model of pants does Dan have in the second half of the show? Update Got my answer, Sitka Ascent. Thank you Scott !!!!!
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    WTB a used Montana Decoy Cow Elk Decoy

    As the title reads, I am looking to buy a used Montana Decoy Cow Elk Decoy. Please pm me if you may have one you don't need / use anymore. Thanks!!! Kevin.
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    Need to get a dinning certificate for a nice restaurant in Cheyenne

    Hello All, I have a ranch that my son and I are going to hunt during the antelope season. I would like to get the rancher and his wife a dinning certificate for a nice restaurant in Cheyenne. Can anyone offer suggestions on which restaurant to get one from? Thanks in advance, Kevin.
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    Unit 46-2 report

    Ok so the thread about the guys who only post once or twice asking for unit advice got me thinking that I started that way as well :o. So to try to make amends here is my report from our hunt this past October. As many of you know my 12 yr old son and I went on our first big game out of state...
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    How much rain has the Laramie area had lately?

    How much rain has the Laramie area had lately? We're headed that way in a week or so and am wondering if the rains that have been so bad in Colorado has effected the Laramie area at all. Thanks in advance!!!
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    In the Laramie Area

    How's the prairie and grasslands looking like in the Laramie area? Have you got enough rain this spring to help recover from the drought?