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    Palo duro canyon aoudad

    After 14 years of applying I was shocked to get a successful email notification from texas parks and wildlife the hunt is in a few weeks and I was wondering if any had experience with these sheep or had hunted this particular hunt in the past any info would be great as I have no...
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    Otc archery

    Do u have to purchase otc archery tags before the opener in the am. I’m headed out to hunt bear with a tag but wasn’t gona get elk tag before scouting. Thanks
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    Unit 31/32

    I have elk deer bear muzz tags for These units. Been trying to get out there for hunt several years between fires and bad Draw luck it hasn’t happened. This year finally cashed in and have 3 tags. Anyone have any info on the area in 31 that burned up. How does it look? Any rain this summer...
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    unit 31 deer

    Still trying to decide what unit to go for in Colorado this year. Ive got two points and cant even decide between primitive or 3rd rifle. I know that deer number are down throughout the region but they aren't going to get any higher in the next 5 years so im going this year. Just wanted to...
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    BRASS 220 swift and 7mag

    Have 80 pieces of once fired 220 swift brass 45$ and 60 pieces of 7mag once fired for 25$ Also some 35 rem brass 60 pieces for 40$
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    Badlands algus pants

    Have brand new with tags pair of badland algus pants size large. Want to trade for some in med or kuiu or first lite pants approach camo text 580-513-5020 for pix
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    wtb ruger stainless rings

    Need med 30mm stainless rings. #4 and #5 rings for m77 hawkeye.
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    Nikon binoculars nib

    Have a pair of prostaff 3 10x42 and monarch 3 10x42 new in box binoculars for sale 90$ for prostaff and 160$ for the monarchs text 580-513-5020 for pix
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    17 th or 24th??? When will we know our destiny. Red? Or green? Has been no action on this in a month. Time to c some excitement on the nm forum!
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    Icotec GC300

    I have an icotec GC300 predator call for sale. 12 sounds and 300 yard remote. Like new in box. 50$ tyd
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    florida quota hunt

    Was lucky enuff to draw an Osceola permit for march 16-19 at lake George wma. Has anyone hunted this hunt? Any one ever even heard of it? Any info appreciated.
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    Northern nm elk rut.

    Just wondering if anyone is seeing or hearing much action in northern nm. Headed up next week for muzz hunt and hope the new moon and possible late rut will help. I generally need all the help I can get. What do y?all think??
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    San Juan opens tomorrow

    The San Juan national forest will open up tomorrow! Good news to all with tags there. This is according to their website.
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    Draw process

    Planning on applying for deer in Idaho this year. I know I must purchase a hunting license to apply. What else has to be sent in and is the license nonrefundable?
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    For some reason I can?t read my digital issue for mar/April. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem or is it an error on my part.
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    Unit 49 atv capitol?

    Was considering unit 49 as an option for elk. Was curious if anyone has experience in this unit. Mainly wondering how bad atv off roading is in this unit. Ive heard it referred to as the atv capitol of new mexico. I see there is no wilderness in the unit to escape the traffic. Is there...
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    az 3b late muzz

    As a low point holder not wanting to buy 20 years of licenses is there a reason I should stay away from this hunt? pm me please
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    2018-2019 regs

    They r up! Good luck!
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    kenetrek mt extreme 400

    Finally sprung for a pair and I hope I don't regret it. Tired of buying 2 pair of boots a year. Do yall have any suggestion on break in and care for the boots? Really wanted the uninsulated but the 400 were on sale for 150$ off.
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    Colorado chip

    Looking for onx map Colorado. Need it within a week