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  1. go_deep

    Daughters first big game animal

    My daughter turned 12 this year and when it came time to apply for tags she didn't want to put in for antelope or elk, just deer. Draw came and went and she didn't draw first choice and ended up with a general tag. Then volleyball season threw a wrench into the mix when her team went undefeated...
  2. go_deep

    2022 Bear Thread

    I was able to draw a tag for the area where I was born and raised this year. My brother still lives there and did ALL the work setting baits, blind, stands, and just plain busting a$$ for me. I was able to get here Monday and bait Tuesday morning and then this morning which was opening day. Very...
  3. go_deep

    2022 Elk Meat Pole

    Let see them. My 14 year old son's second elk. 320 yards off the pack. I also go one a while later.
  4. go_deep

    How much wildgame do you actually eat?

    Just curious how much wildgame do people actually eat every year? Don't include how much you give away and donate, just you immediate household. Our family we make it a point to have the freezer empty of wildgame before each season starts. From steaks, roasts, burger, plus all the various...
  5. go_deep

    WGFD license proposals 2022, big cuts to Antelope.

    2022 proposals are out, as expected and needed, big proposed cuts to Antelope licenses.
  6. go_deep

    We got the meats!

    128# of 2 kinds of summer sausage, smoked bologna, 3 kind of snap sticks, 4 kinds of brats, polish sausage, chorizo, itialian sausage, breakfast sausage.
  7. go_deep

    Antelope Rangefinder

    I'm looking to buy a rangefinder that will actually give a range out to 500 yards on an Antelope. Looking for first hand experiences, I'm not looking to buy the most expensive, but want something that will last.
  8. go_deep


    20 years, thoughts and prayers to anyone and everyone that was impacted!
  9. go_deep

    Miracle Mile

    Been there one time and my kids were pretty little, spent more time not fishing than fishing, they just weren't at a good age. Fast forward a handful of years and they've have gotten pretty good at throwing spinners, spoons, Rapala. For anyone who's fished it in the last few years, is it worth...
  10. go_deep

    These your keys?

    Was up camping for a few days in south central Wyoming. On a pretty remote road, that based on the down trees across it didn't have anyone down it for awhile. Found these keys sitting on a stump next to a fire ring.
  11. go_deep

    Closest Kill

    What's the closest you've ever been on your first shot that connected on a big game animal? And of course the story that goes with it. Mine is a whitetail buck on the ground with a recurve at 5 steps. There was a small spot in our winter wheat field that the deer would congregate in, so I holed...
  12. go_deep

    Wall Tent Camp Rental

    Now that everyone knows what tags they have and are starting to plan for this fall, I've got a 12'x12' wall tent package that I would rent out for a 7 day period anytime between July 1st through October 12th. Customize it to whatever items you need. 12x12 wall tent with ground sheet $200 Cots...
  13. go_deep

    WGFD Proposed Changes

    Purposed 7,975 less Antelope tags across the state. Otherwise mostly normal.
  14. go_deep

    Always check your trailers safty chains!

    I can't imagine, just hanging there. Good on them for having that thing hooked up right thought, and for having quality chains!
  15. go_deep

    Savage 110 Long Range CHEAP!!

    Cabelas has the 110 Long Range Hunter for 50% off, after rebate there around $550. They don't have anymore 300's, but have a couple other calibers.
  16. go_deep

    What is this rock??

    So I see this clean shinny black rock right on top the ground, out in the middle of nowhere, with no rocks around. A magnet will stick to it, but my metal detector won't beep on it. Handful of internet searches don't really come up with anything solid.
  17. go_deep

    E kits, whatcha carrying?

    Cleaned my pack out tonight and went through my emergency kit and don't really see anything I'm missing, but thought it would be a good topic. Picture is my kit, not pictured is 20' of rope and an extra set of batteries for my headlamp that is also in there. So what's everyone else is carrying...
  18. go_deep

    Thinking about a new hunting rig

    Seen this new rig the other day, seems like it would suffice as a hunting truck. Now just need to get my wife on board....
  19. go_deep


    Between antelope, deer, and elk hunting we've managed to find some Sharptail, and Dusky Grouse. Wasn't able to go Sage Grouse hunting, but found a lot, so definitely go to try that next year! All the grouse we got were with a 3" 7 1/2 shot .410.
  20. go_deep

    HMA permit error

    Might be a bit late, but if your hunting an HMA in Wyoming, you'd better double check that you actually drew the permit. There was an error in the drawing process and initially a lot of people for different HMA's were shown as successful in their profile, but the G&F went back and corrected...